The best advice I could ever give you

Years ago I was asked a question from a coach that totally and utterly changed my life. 

pinkquestionmarkBut I didn’t have the answer to the question and, quite frankly, I felt stupid that I did not know the answer.

The question was this: “Odette, what do you want for your life?”

Dead silence. What kind of question was that?

My response was an embarrassed giggle and a subsequent, “I don’t know. I have never been asked that question before.”

Then all of a sudden I had verbal diarrhea and started to rhyme off all the things that I thought I wanted, including world peace.

I didn’t like NOT knowing, and it was so in my face that I was living a life I DIDN’T want.

Then I got pissed off.  At the coach.

I couldn’t take the heat.

Instead of looking at this as gift … a wake up call … I wanted to run and hideand blame. 

Maybe you haven’t been asked that question before (I’ve been hearing that a lot lately, so you aren’t alone!).

Maybe you have no idea how you would answer it. 

That’s okay.

But now that you have been asked the question (consider this email me asking you this question), you can not ignore it.

You have to answer it. Honestly. Truthfully. 

So what is your big vision? What do you truly and deeply desire for your life?


Now here’s the super honest part: Why do you think you don’t have it?

And now for the reality check: What will happen, how will you feel, if you don’t have it?

If you want to know the answers to these questions I am giving you, for free, My Vision Plan handout that my clients have paid to get. 

My Vision Plan will walk you through a series of questions that will help you answer these questions (and many more) so that you can live the life you truly, deeply desire.

It’s designed to help you uncover the most important elements of your life to focus on right now to ensure your life is exactly as you would like it to be.

No end of life regret here! If that sounds crude, I am sorry – but sometimes the reality of just how short life is triggers action.

And I am all about action!

And – it may show you the thing that is really holding you back. 

If you need a dose of insight from an entrepreneur who has already overcome the obstacles and has answered these questions with unabated truth Elaine is a true inspiration. 


elainenadeauI am so impressed with your honest and practical answers – thank you for today’s session.

You are very generous with your information, contrary to many coaches out there.

I learn every single time I listen to you.

Pleased with choosing you as a coach! The sky is the limit.”

~  Elaine Nadeau, AN Design Communications

Elaine has worked through her Vision Plan … now it’s time for you to do the same!

It’s time to decide what you want!

Love and gratitude,