To create impact in the world people need to hear your message, understand your message, and believe your message.

What would your life look like if you were making a global impact and being part of the solution?

I am known as the “Queen of Impact” and I work with unlikely leaders and game changers to uncover their personal story to identify their power and their purpose to make a positive impact in the world and their life. Whether you are tired of waiting for the all the right things to happen or you have reached success but feel like something is missing, I am here to help you dive deeper to uncover your unique, personal story, your “why,” and discover who you need to be to feel alive and on purpose.

I will help you make the personal transformation through a shift in mind-set to blast your through the overwhelm, self-sabotage, and fear so you can own your story and your greatness! Then, I am going to help you deliver that compelling message through online strategies, events, speaking, and marketing so you can unleash your power and create the life you have always wanted!


I have always known that the power of story sells. It helped me build my first business when, at the age of 27, I grew a whim into a seven-figure success. As my business exploded and all of my goals were realized, I felt like something was missing. How could I have everything but feel like I have nothing? This led to a spiritual breakdown and rebirth of a person on a new mission discovered in a massive spiritual breakthrough. My business changed and I realized that I needed to share MY story to connect with the entrepreneurs and leaders around the world who need help to do the same!

People like you!

My power skill is helping you discover YOUR story, the one that is the centre of your passion and purpose and when unleashed instantly connects you to the loyal followers waiting for you. Vulnerability and authenticity can be hard to share but they are your superpowers and will help build a successful and sustainable businesses as well as achieve the life you have always wanted.

I have shared the stage with some amazing people and realized my dream of standing on a TEDx stage. I can help you identify, clarify, and amplify your unique message so you can realize your dreams as well!

I realized that
purpose alone, in
today’s world, does
not create impact.
Impact happens when
purpose and action

Odette had a vision of a world where fear was eliminated from One Million People across the globe by 2020, so they can live their life with Power, Purpose, and without Apology and share their message with the world. She created a seven-step strategy that has helped people reach their business, life, weight, influence, and relationship goals and because of her phenomenal success has been nominated three years in a row for the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award (2015, 2016, 2017). She is the Bronze Winner – Stevies Award – Female Entrepreneur of the Year in Business Services (2015) and Entrepreneur of the Year from York School of Business (1994).