Hi, I’m Odette Peek. I have helped thousands of people create successful businesses along with incredible personal lives. I have a proven seven-step strategy that will help you succeed in every area of your life. How do I know? It is the strategy I used to go from the bottom to the top.

I built a 7-figure business from just an idea and ‘had it all’. But something was missing. I had the external markers of success but was dying on the inside. No matter what I tried to do to fix it, nothing worked because I was looking to the outside for more (more money, more clients and more status) instead of looking on the inside for more (more fulfillment, more peace and more happiness).

Then I suffered a personal crisis that led to my eventual spiritual breakdown.

Thirty days after starting my coaching business full-time in 2009, everything fell apart. My relationship ended, both of parents passed away within two months of each other and I woke up one morning and could not move my arms or hands. I did not get full function back for a year and a half. My back was against the wall. Getting a job was not an option. So, I hunkered down, got super focused, hired the best coach, and built my business despite all of the crushing circumstances.

I learned two things. The first is you need to have a strategy. But, strategy and success do not matter if you are not leading an authentic life and are fulfilled by whatever you are doing. I couldn’t continue to do good work at the sacrifice of not knowing who I truly was at my core and not telling others, which led to getting reconnected to my “why” and aligning with my true purpose.

When things got really tough, I thought about my two daughters and persevered so I would give them the most important gifts of all, a belief in themselves and the boldness to go after what they wanted in life.

Today I teach entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches and consultants how to uncover their story, find their message, and create massive impact in this world. To align themselves with the core of who they are and their unique gifts and talents, create a powerful message that moves people into action.

My mission is to eliminate fear from one million people around the globe by 2020 so they can live their life with power and purpose and without guilt or apology.

I needed to step into my mission, own it and be it. Everyday.

If you have a burning desire to make a change in your life, help others improve the quality of their lives or businesses or to take action in making our world a better place, then we are a perfect match.

So let’s talk about YOUR Impact today!

You Matter. Your presence, your aura, your ‘look’, your way, your ideas, your you-ness, your everything, has an IMPACT on others whether you realize it in the moment or not.