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Speaker & Story Masterclass

October 16-18

Are you finally ready to share your personal story with the world?
How about sharing it on a stage?

Maybe that sounds a little scary…but We ALL have a story to share that will change lives. Including our own.
Here are a few examples of how telling your story from stage will benefit you:

“Being able to get on stage to tell my story was something that I never thought that I would be able to do. It feels amazing!”
“This experience has given me confidence and new skill sets to promote myself and my business.”
“Odette gave me the most valuable gift ever -believing in my story and sharing it on stage. My second talk landed my first $1500 client!”

When you get the story that is inside of you, out of you, your life improves 1000%… and so does your business. Yes your story can be your biggest business builder!

Equally as important you have now started the legacy you were born to live.


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