Take Success and Live It!

I am back from almost 2 weeks on the road and what an exciting time it was!


I spoke at what had to be one of the most amazing events I have ever been to; Shut Up, Stop Whining and Make Money. 300 people gathered for 3 days with celebrity speaker, TV host and best selling author, Larry Winget.


Together with not-afraid-to-tell-it-like-it-is-coach Suzanne Evans, you can imagine the life changing experience that was. All 300 of us were ready and wiling (some hanging on for dear life) to go from ordinary to extraordinary. Add 2 days of intense coaching for my own business and you have 1 hell of journey.


I am not the same person I was a year ago because I decided that I had enough of ordinary, just being ‘good enough’ and living half assed. It takes a lot of guts to cut loose what’s not working for you, but it’s more painful to watchother people live their dream, make stuff happen for themselves and see how happy they become in the process.


It takes seriously hard work to get what you want. You need to be vulnerable (yes, that’s where growth occurs!) and expose your true inner desires, fears and brain trash…and take 100% responsibility for what you do have and what you don’t have. Yes, you need to sacrifice things to get to extraordinary. But it’s worth it. I promise.


Wow these past few months have been an incredible journey for my family and me. It’s been go-go-go and a wild ride but I loved every minute of it.


It has been a life long dream to write a book and I finally did it. Having a concrete deadline helps if anyone is considering it!


I had one hell of a strategy and action plan that lead up to an amazing opportunity to speak at such a phenomenal event attended by 300 people, Shut Up, Stop Whining and Make Money with Larry Winget, travel for 2 weeks and still keep in touch with clients while the “O” team held down the fort. If it wasn’t for my team; daughters Michaela and Briana; Business manager; Kristen and Liz (and her team), Design team; Tiffany, Norm, Liz, Paul; book team: Sheryl and Christine; my own coach Suzanne (and her team), and lots of friends; Karen, Susanne, Fiona, Christine, Michael, Anthony and so many more.


Here’s the thing: 2011 wasn’t a great time for me but I decided I had to take success by the horns and do whatever I needed to do, and yes that meant sacrificing a few things, to go after my dream. I never used my downfall as an excuse to not move forwa

rd. I wanted to get as far away as possible from any and all crap, so I ran like hell in the other direction. So 2012 was transition mode. In 2013 I will be rockin’ it out!


And you know the best part? My journey is just beginning….


I talk about being a role model for our children in my book. Here is the proof that my efforts paid off, despite some of the long nights and ‘just give me a minute’ comments made on a very frequent basis. We aren’t on this journey alone.