Start before you quit!

Start before you quit.




One of the key issues I see with entrepreneurs is that they make a million plans, but they just don’t take that first step to get started on their plan.


Sometimes it’s money that blocks us (I can’t afford it, I have to get a client and then I’ll sign up for that program).


Sometimes it’s time (I have to spend two hours working on it and I don’t have two hours until three weeks from Friday).


Sometimes it’s lack of clarity (I don’t really know where to start so I’ll just keep doing more research to see what I should be doing).


All too often we talk ourselves out of things before we lay the first brick.


The wall will never get built until you mix the cement and lay that first brick!


Quitting is easy. People do it all the time.


Starting is the hard part. 


Have the confidence in yourself to just start. From exactly where you are right now.


Take a step toward that goal, that dream.


My firm belief is that you can do anything you want and be anything you want if you just start before you quit.  


Love and gratitude,