Do you know the difference between hope and faith?

How often do you hear yourself saying….

“Oh I hope I can make more money this year.”

“I wish I could get more clients.”

“I would love to buy *it* but I just can’t afford it.”

“I know but the reality is…”

These statements (and I know you say them!) are all based in fear and scarcity, not from conviction and belief that anything is possibility.

Oh ye of little Faith.

So what is the difference between Hope and Faith?

Hope says that it ‘could’ happen or ‘might’ happen. Faith says it WILL happen.

What is Faith? It is a mental attitude against which there is no possibility of contradiction. SUCCESS reduced to its simplest term is FAITH IN ACTION.

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Look at your circumstances in your life and in your business…are you blaming outside circumstances (your money, the economy, other person, your bank account)?

Now look inward.

Are you persistent in your pursuit of what you want? Do you Believe 100% that anything is possible? Do you have a strategy and action plan to get it? Do you have daily habits so you think and do toward that thing you want? Are you PUSHing yourself to do whatever it takes to get whatever you want?

Unfortunately only 2 out 100 actually do. I have been told that I am pushy. It used to bother me but when I really looked hard at myself and the results that I get and the results that my clients get, I am happy to have that reputation.


PD MM SnowThis is what PUSHing really stands for:


Unlimited Belief



I had the most amazing 2 days with my Master Mind clients last week and we walked through this formula. 

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The Breakthroughs, the A-Ha moments and the Action that has already begun (even over the weekend) is remarkable. Why?

We got to the core of everyone’s Belief and Faith and looked inward instead of ‘out there’ as to why we weren’t getting the results we were ‘hoping’ for. 

Transformation starts from the INSIDE.

How do you keep Faith and Belief alive? It’s easy to slip back to old habits and patterns, feelings and fears when something in our external world collapses.

Read the 21 ways to Strengthen your Faith below and keep the Dream alive.  

1. Be expectant, confident, and optimistic.

2. Keep your enthusiasm strong; never allow yourself to be discouraged or depressed.

3. Charge your mind with interest, enthusiasm, ambition.

Read more ways here …

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