You have got to hear this story!

The word ‘no’ is a learned response…we are so conditioned to go for practical, for safe, for what other people’s opinion of safe is.

Before we know it we have built our life around other people’s attitudes and personal experiences, and mold our own experience after a collection of all oftheir thoughts and limiting beliefs.

You are unique, you are one of a kind, with all of your talents and skills and wonderful bits that make up who you are (including your idiosyncracies!) that your results are going to be based on all of that makeup.

You need to stop looking at your future with the blinders that other people are wearing. They are not you.


* Thanks so much to my client (and friend!) Rebecca Visser for sharing this Jim Rohn quote with me!

Learning to walk, talk, ride a bike … these are things are taught to you by people who love you and want nothing more than to see you walk, talk, ride a bike… they wanted you to flourish.

Yes,  those are the basics of life but isn’t a one-year-old walking on their own a risky thing? You bet it is! That’s why you don’t take your eyes off them for a minute!

And when you were learning to walk or ride a bike, you took the hand of someone who could guide you and teach you – someone you trusted … someone who already knew how to walk or ride a bike!

So why then, when it comes to our future, our life, our business, do we listen to people who are simply afraid?

When I started my first business everyone told me not to do it, that it was a dumb idea and with the economy in the worst recession and me not having any money or business experience, it was a stupid thing to do.

When you look at it in those terms, yeah it was probably a crazy thing to do…but I had a desire and a vision for my life that was worth me trying – and not half-heartedly trying, but really going for it.

One friend of mine actually phoned me and tried to talk me out of starting that business. She said I should get a job so I could stimulate the economy. This ‘friend’ tried shame, blame, anger, passive-aggressive behaviour and tough love.

I stuck to my guns and Year 1, I was the Entrepreneur of the Year and in Year 5 I was earning 7 figures.

This so-called-girl-friend is still in that same job she had when she gave me her expert opinion…23 years later! She is just as miserable (maybe more!) than she was back then!

Maybe you need some help in battling those fears (they are real!). Maybe you need help figuring out the money, or eliminating the BS.

I have sometimes been told that I’m pushy … crazy, I know, eh?

But it’s because I have learned that when you know what you want, you can make a plan to get there.

So I created a system that will show you how being PUSH-y can actually work for you.

P – persistence – continuing to do something even though it’s difficult or opposed by other people.

U – unlimited possibility – this is about Intention – doing what your heart wants.

S – strategy – a plan that starts with ‘how can I do this?’

H – habit – taking persistent action, thinking and strategy every day.

Simple, eh? You bet it is. If you want to learn more about it, click here.

I can now lovingly – and with knowledge, experience and respect – give my daughters the encouragement and the support they need to go after their dreams and stop at nothing to get it.

And I can help you do it too.

Because the reality is that we can find excuses to stop us from doing anything (like having that second cookie!).

This is our life, isn’t it worth taking a stand for no matter how scary?

If I can do it, so can anyone.

If your business is NOT as successful as you would like it to be, I have the knowledge, experience and love to take your hand and PUSH you closer to your dream. Click here to reach for my hand now!