You can’t miss this!!

You can’t miss this!
You absolutely cannot miss an opportunity that WILL change your business and will change you…for the better!

Whether your business is an idea, it’s limping along or it’s going strong, it can always be bigger, better, stronger.

What I am going snake about? Last year I had a small business. I had a life that was just healing from a lot of trauma, from a lot of drama. You see I am a business coach and we are supposed to be strong, have all the answers and be in a constant state of evolution, growth. So I attended an event put on by my coach Suzanne Evans called Be the Change. Guess what?

Be the Change is back in April and I can’t wait!

The vibe, the energy, the learning, the love, the people, the NEW YOU!

Holy smokes!! I promise that if you attend this event you will be making more money, have a killer mindset and you will be riding the wave of success that you never thought would be possible. But you need to commit to it first and you need to get to Florida in April!

I am a vendor and a sponsor this time because I just had to be a part of an amazing event, not just attend. I tried to get a speaking gig but by the time I got to the front of the line, all the spots were taken.

So what did I get out of it (because really, we all want to know what’s in if for me!)?
Here’s what I walked away with:

•    A solid MARKETING plan for my business
•    Kick ass MINDSET that I will have forever
•    Sound knowledge of your MONEY and what it mean to your business
•    MOTIVATION that leaves you no choice but to get on your pony
•    Clear business MODEL that works for my business
•    What the heck a MISSION and a MOVEMENT means and why it is so important to have one!
•    MEETING a ton of like minded people who want to take their MESSAGE, their MEANING and their MISSION to a higher level than they every thought possible

This can be you too! I have a FREE ticket with your name on it but you need to act fast. This will sell out. I promise you that too.

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