Who are you surrounding yourself with?

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Q: What are the parameters to evaluate and determine whether or not I am serious about my business or not? Looking forward to learning so much. ~ Elizabeth

A:  Great question, Elizabeth … and one that many struggle with. A lot of people jump into entrepreneurship because it looks ‘sexy’.

Saying you have your own business sounds really cool. (That’s because it is!) But it is also the hardest work you will ever do.

We look at ‘successful’ people and their lifestyle and we want what they have. You should be asking yourself instead, “Do I want what they WORKED for?”

jayfisetgroupshotMy high-achieving, hard-working FUN colleagues from Jay Fiset’s
JV Mastermind Event in Banff, Alberta!

So, Elizabeth, let me ask you and everyone else reading this: Are you willing to do the hard work, make sacrifices, be committed to take a risk and stop at nothing until you get whatever it is you say you want no matter how long it takes?

If you say yes without hesitation, then you are serious, really serious, about building your business.

If there is the slightest bit of hesitation,  then you need to dig deep and ask: “What am I afraid of?” Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of the uncertainty, fear of asking for money?

Because you are asking this question, there is definitely a fear that is stopping you from playing full out. Those ‘successful’ people we admire, all of them, play full out.

We all have fear –  that is human nature. Read the book: ‘The Secret to Conquering Fear’ by Mike Hernacki, and you will learn how to dismantle any fear. But when it comes to business we must push the fear aside and do the work no matter how we feel. Fear never goes away, you need to change the conversation you have with fear.

When I changed the statement that ran through my head and often came out of my mouth: I can’t … to How can I?…  my entire life changed.

I was committed to finding an answer.

The universe only delivers what it hears you saying and if you keep saying, ‘I can’t’, the universe will say back to you; ‘I can’t’.

Owning a business is really owning your fear and owning your dream. You can’t own the dream if you don’t own the fear. Both are 100%  yours.

Entrepreneurship is the vehicle you use to get to your destination.

So the real question is are you committed to your dream life?… and if the answer is yes, then you must be committed to doing the work to get it.

So let’s go deep and explore the Law of Vibration: This law states that everything in the Universe vibrates. When humans are consciously aware of vibration, we call it feeling.

Thoughts are things. We attract new thoughts based on the vibrational frequency of our thoughts. In order to attract new thoughts we must change the quality or ‘vibration’ of the questions we are asking. Therefore, if we continue to ask questions or make statements base on our current reality vs the outcome we desire, we can only attract thoughts or answers that are in harmony (the same vibration) with that question.

So all our subconscious programming is set in motion and will continue in the same direction until we uncover it and change it.

So look around yourself – who are you surrounding yourself with? What does your vibration look like?