Three ways money impacts your business

This is video 6 in my Top 10 tips I’ve learned from my spiritual breakdown and my spiritual rebirth.

In video 1 we talked about envisioning what you want and why you want it.

In video 2 we talked creation – what you are creating for your life, your business and the world?

In video 3 we talked about connection – how are you connected with your deeper inner self and the outside world, prospects, clients and people that can help you and who you can help serve the world in a bigger way.

In video 4 we talked about engagement – the most important thing when you are connecting with people is how engaging are you? And getting connected once again with the deeper meaning of your purpose and your vision.

Video 5 was about enrolling people into your vision and your mission with the message you are giving. You have to make sure that you are articulating in a profound, meaningful and authentic way.

This video is about monetization.

As an entrepreneur, we are meant to make money. We are meant to ask for money, we are meant to spend money on our business, to grow it. When we have that circle and flow of money, we have greater impact on the world. I’m in Cuba right now and I think a great many of you know what Cuba is all about. Every opportunity that I have, when someone serves me, I hand them a tip. It’s an all-inclusive resort I am at, but it makes sense to me to say,’You have served me in a way that has made me feel a little bit better and I want to reward that.’ So I have been tipping like crazy and it actually feels amazing.

Monetization is a combination of these three things:

  1. It’s about making money. We need to make money in order to eat and live and that kind of stuff. As an entrepreneur you need to be asking people on a daily basis to pay for your service or your product. So asking for the money is so crucial.
  2. Giving away money. When I say giving away money, I mean freely – donations, tipping, paying. Basically handing someone money and saying, ‘Here I want you to have some money.’ So it is paying it forward when you are in a coffee shop in line. Just randomly giving away money as an act of kindness. Money has energy and when you give it away, guess what happens? You end up receiving money as well.
  3. Spending money on something that you need for your business and for your life. A lot of people are hanging on to the money we have. We are so afraid to spend it because we are afraid we are never going to get it back again. But if you don’t spend money to grow your business, you’re not going to grow your business, but also you are telling the world that you aren’t worthy of receiving money.

So the 3 things you need to be doing so that you monetize your business and life so you have more abundance, not only just financial wealth, but feeling good on the inside – emotional abundance, relationship abundance, are ask for money, give away money, and spend money.

You need to spend money in your business and in your life in order to grow and create greater impact.

That is the energy flow of money. Money in, money out.

The circle of money is wonderful. When you have the money to do the things you want to do, it becomes about choice. Instead of, ‘I don’t have the money, I’m broke, it’s too expensive.’ All of that negative talk gives you negative energy and what happens is the more you said, ‘I can’t afford it, I don’t want to spend the money, I am not going to give away the money,’ you don’t get money back. Money is energy and money is a flow. Money in, money out. Just like the tides!

When you follow those three principles, guess what happens? You have greater impact in your life, in your family’s life, your clients’ life and in the people that you serve and support.

My mission is to eliminate fear in 1 million women across the globe by 2020 so they can live their live with power and purpose and without apology. And that includes the money flow.

Stay tuned for video 7!