Stop! If you want to make money with your message you’ve got to hear this

“Hi  Tracey, we would love it if you could say a few words to our group about you and your business. Do you have a little presentation you could do for, say, 10-15 minutes”?

Um, sure, I think I could do that. Um, well, what do you want me to say? I’m not really a speaker…

or you say; “Sure that sounds great! Love to! Let me write it up…

Inside head talking: “What the heck do I say? I don’t want to blow this opportunity but …why did I say yes?!” 

You said yes because you know that speaking:

  • uplevels your credibility 
  • spreads your  message to many people at once and not just 1:1 (aka: going for coffee)
  • pierces a new market, new audience
  • gets you more clients faster
  • makes you more money with less effort
  • gives you an opportunity to expand your audience, grow your list and your following

But now you have to write the damn presentation! Ugh.. Where do i start?!

Do you ever feel lost when sit down to write out your 60 second infomercial let alone your 15 minute presentation about yourself and your business that showcases your brilliance?


You KNOW that speaking is the most powerful way to get your message out there but it scares the hell out of you for so many reasons like you DON’T KNOW:

  • How to get started 
  • What to write (have too much/not enough content)
  • What content to use (you know too much!)
  • What part of your story you should tell (yikes, vulnerable moment)
  • How to structure the talk in easy flow (so people don’t get bored!)
  • How to ask people to buy something (fears of all kinds here)
  • and how to engineer your talk to WIN!

And that just gets the FEAR BALL rolling into so many more unanswered questions about what to do after you write the damn thing.

(Here’s where YOU Start)

The fact is that speaking to a group of people is fastest way to grow your business, make more money and spread your important message to the masses.

But most people have no clue on where to start and how to craft a GREAT talk.

I’m sure you have listened to many speakers and some are fantastic and some just totally suck.

You fear you are going to suck.

(Click here to NOT suck)

I will show you how to write your 60 second infomercial right up to your your 60 minute keynote that sells from the stage (even if you aren’t allowed to sell from the stage)

I’ve made $20,000, $30,000 from a 15 minute talk because I have learned how to craft a talk and deliver it so that it SELLS. This took me time to learn. 

I want to cut your learning curve by 90% so you can get out there fast and in a big way, spreading your message to the masses NOW!!

(Make more money by speaking)

Your story, your content and a powerful call to action can net you the same $20,000 in 15 minutes but only if you learn the fine art of crafting a GREAT talk out of your story, your content and adding the BUY NOW BUTTON that literally has clients running to the stage to hand you their order forms! 



Join me on this call to get your message out in a big way. 

I am going to show you exactly how I earn thousands of dollars in 15 minutes by teaching you everything you need to know:

  • where to start
  • what pieces of your story inspire and move people into action to buy from you
  • what content sells the best 
  • how to add a call to action to get people excited to work with YOU
  • and how to put it all together in one signature talk that you can use over and over again for any audience!

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Love and gratitude,

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