Plan to make an extra 40K now – by doing one thing!

So you are dying to make a business out of your idea and one that actually makes you money, right? Of course you do, or else you wouldn’t be a serious entrepreneur.

I never use the word SOLOPRENEUR because I think it gives would be entrepreneurs a false sense of success. It’s a bullshit term and although you may feel alone, you should never be alone in your business.
Solo, by definition, means: 1.
Unless you live in a vacuum, you are always surrounded by people. Great people that can support you to build your 6 figure + business.
Odette Profit Domination LiveI have built a multiple 7-figure business and now I teach others how to do the same.
Here’s what I know to be 100% true: NO BUSINESS CAN MAKE IT BY GOING SOLO. 
I just want to point out that despite my 40K disaster, I am actually lucky.
Just think If I had a regular job with a regular pay check, I would be screwed. I could be financially devastated. But as an Entrepreneur I can make that money. I can make as much money as I CHOOSE to make!
So I choose to make an extra 40K to pay off these repairs. How would I come up with an extra 40K? Get more people to know about me.
Geez, but how you ask, scratching your head? Collaboration.
Join forces with other people by paying them to support you. If you aren’t paying someone to help you  build your business you don’t have a business. Here are 2 of the best ways to grow your business: hire an assistant and collaborate with like minded business owners.
1. Building team: The only reason why I am still in business these past 3 months is because I have structured my business and put systems into place that allow me the freedom to let my team take over when I am not able to be at the helm.
2. Collaboration: Connect, communicate and affiliate through other people’s businesses. 
There are enough VAs out there that can get you started with a small 5 hour a month package to take the mundane tasks off your plate so you can focus on revenue generating activities. This is my team, Kim, Tracey and Lorree. 🙂
Collaboration is setting up an affiliate program that you pay people to help you promote. It’s a mutually beneficial agreement of like-minded business owners coming together and sharing valuable resources so that each business can grow and more clients can be served.
I collaborate heavily and I will absolutely affiliate with other real businesses who are committed and motivated to making money. It’s not tagging other people’s FB pages without their permission, liking their page just so they will like yours (and asking them to!) and it’s definitely not a request that you do not reward with money. This is business and business is about money.
Ten things you need to do to begin the collaboration process:
1. Define who your target market is.
2. Research who else has this same target market.
3. Out of those with the same market, decide who aligns with your message the best.
4. Know everything there is know about that business. (when someone calls me and they don’t know much about me, it’s a dead deal to me).
5. Develop a marketing package specifically to your affiliates.
6. Contact your list of potential affiliates by picking up the phone and engaging in a real conversation.
7. Offer something first to them so they know you are serious and qualified to do business with.
8. Have integrity. If you say you are going to collaborate, stand by your word.
9. Have a system in place to handle the structured affiliate program, don’t do this willy-nilly.
10. Social media is not the only place to collaborate. Get out there and talk to people!
11. Bonus: Make sure the monetary reward is substantial. Sometimes giving away 100% of the sale is worth the price of a new client.
12. Ok, so there are more than 10: Hire an assistant to build your affiliate program.
Set up these strategies and more by registering for my six month group coaching program – Profit Domination Club.