Is it Time To Put Your Big Girl Panties On?

Business is hard. There’s no two ways about it.

There are so many things to do, and only so much time to get them all done.
  • Are you exhausted by your endless to-do list?
  • Did you have another sales conversation that ended with a ‘no’?
  • Are you worried that your business is not even going to last because you aren’t bringing in enough money?
This is often what people think is the reality of business. Long hours, low profits, and sometimes even burnout.
But it doesn’t have to be this way!
Last week we talked about getting help in various areas of your business to help ease the workload, and to make your business better.

Did you make your list yet? If you did not, why not?

Let me guess …

You think you can’t afford to get help?

You are a control freak (I mean that in the nicest way possible!) who can’t let go of things for fear that they won’t be done the ‘right’ way (your way)?

Or you just think that you have plenty of time to do everything yourself, so you don’t really need help yet?

I’ve heard these things over and over, from clients, from colleagues, from myself.

f you think any of these things, you probably don’t even realize that you are sabotaging yourself.

It’s a mental cycle that you have to stop. And it’s time to take the first step! 
Time to put your big girl panties on!

Here’s my next challenge for you – make a list of all of the things you are doing in your business, every day. Write down everything you are doing each day (do this exercise over the course of a week).

At the end of the week, have a look at your list.

How many of those things on your list are generating your revenue in your business? How much time are you spending doing things that are outside of your area of expertise? How well are you even doing most of the things on the list? 
Are you wasting precious hours each week doing your newsletter, or your bookeeping, or trying to figure out how to bring in clients or launch a new program?

These are the things that you should be seeking help with.

You got into business to be amazing. To help people. To build a great life for yourself and your family. By providing your expertise to your clients. It’s time to start doing that again.

Start with a simple mindset shift …
Above all, building a business requires a positive mindset.
Each day you can be one step closer to your dream, but only if you take action.
You deserved to feel fulfilled by your entrepreneurial life. Never depleted.
These are tips from my book, Profit Domination: How Successful Women Get on Top and Stay There. It is an inspiration book with 201 tips to help you build that successful mindset. 

Stop making your business so hard. Stop being so hard on YOURSELF. 

Start today!