Business and Life Lessons from Lady Gaga

OMG! I had the most amazing experience on Saturday night! I went gaga over Lady Gaga at her “Born this way Ball” concert here in Toronto.

 Lady Gaga

5 years ago Lady Gaga was a waitress. Now she is an international superstar and using her voice to Change the world. She is 27 years old.

The performance was incredibly entertaining and you left with the experience of  ‘did she really do that’?

Her opening was this blow up monster vagina, giving birth.

Brilliant whiplash effect on the audience and an extreme point of view that captivated 18,000 people.

Her message to the audience: I don’t give a f!&*#% what people think about me.

There I said it. I used the f-bomb and quite frankly, it felt good. So if I offended you, you care too much about what others think.

When we care what others think, we do not become our own superstars.

When you focus on what others think about you, about your idea, about what you want, you do not Reach Up, Rise up and get on top of YOUR life.

You actually drown under someone else’s life.

Oh boy, that really sucks. That keeps you swimming with the guppies.

You do not succeed by reaching for the middle. You do not succeed by caring what others think about you.

Just think what life would be like if the world’s greatest heros, your hero, stopped and said; ‘oh, I wonder if anyone will still like me’. Every single person who has ever invented, created, coined, attempted, tried, failed, succeeded, nurtured, guided or did something had at least 1 heckler in the audience.

When we focus on this infectious, diseased individual, the virus spreads to our heart and we die.  

What I learned this week and from Lady Gaga is that our voice can change our world. It can change the lives of thousands of people around the world. We just need to turn it on, crank the volume and not give a fuck about what other people think.