You are the ‘she’ to someone else

I have been asked once or twice, ok maybe ten or eleven, what is it that keeps me motivated or moving forward.

I really had to ponder that for a while and then I realized it was a simple answer. 

I am 100% committed to my dream, my vision and my mission in life. I am committed to my friends, my family, my clients, members of The “O” team (dorky I know but it keeps me tied to my younger TV days…we had great TV back then!)

Most importantly I am committed to myself. I wasn’t always and it really is only these past few years that I had to stop and say to myself; “Wait a second young lady, just what do you think you’re doing! (or not doing)?”

I wasn’t being true to my needs, my wants and myself. As it is for so many women, moms and partners, we put our stuff second, third or eighty-fifth. I found myself out of balance, out of whack and out of my mind. Literally. 


So I slapped myself upside my head with a frying pan and viola! I had the me that I wanted me to be. Scary I might add but liberating. So the second part to my self-realization, which is about as scary as looking in the mirror after a shing-ding of a night out with the ol’ broads I call my 45+ girlfriends, is honesty. We all know damn well when we are being lied to, even if we are lying to ourselves. There is only so long that you can pretend ‘it’ doesn’t exist when ‘it’ is stepping on your toes. 

So if you are struggling in your life or your business take a look at your commitment level and your honesty bank and see how much you need to replenish to get where ‘she’ is, ’cause you are the ‘she’ to someone else.

Own it, Be it. Do it. 

 Now go out there and show the world what you are made of.