Who is in your community?


Getting support is one of the most important things you can do for your business.

So many entrepreneurs try to build a business by themselves. They think they have to not only work with their clients, but do their administration, bookkeeping, marketing, social media, and everything else!

Quite frankly, that’s silliness.

Nobody does anything alone. Well, they don’t do it WELL if they are doing it alone.

It’s important to focus on the income-generating activities in your business if you want to be successful.

Spending time doing ‘busy-work’ is not beneficial to your bottom line, or yourstate of mind as an entrepreneur.

Being too busy all the time can lead to exhaustion, burnout and even depression. 

If you are ready to be part of a community that supports you and helps you grow in mind, body, spirit AND business, click here.

Getting your mindset and your business on the same playing field is an essential piece of building a sustainable business that helps you live the life you probably think you can only dream of.

But you don’t have to hear it from me. I want you to hear it from the people that attended my most recent Master Mind.

“Odette, Thank you for opening a space for me and sharing your great energy and enthusiasm. I felt very comfortable and welcomed. It is empowering to meet women from different backgrounds doing their best to shine. You are so generous and this is an amazing opportunity to learn your  expertise. It will be awesome to be part of this community of courageous women… this empowered group with the bigger picture in their vision.”

When you focus on the bigger picture, you can make better decisions. You can make better plans. And you will build the motivation you need to put your plans into action.

Here are some of the things that being part of a community brings into your business, and into your life:

  • camaraderie
  • emotional support
  • honest feedback
  • crisis prevention and intervention
  • test out new ideas
  • learn and re-learn
  • knowing you aren’t alone
  • tapping into skills you don’t have
  • collaboration
  • referral source
  • getting clients
  • calling on your BS
  • seeing YOU in THEM
  • strength in groups
  • friendships
  • love and understanding of your journey
  • they ‘get’ you

and so much more!

Some of these may sound ‘fluffy’ but I can promise you they are anything but. 

Community gives you much more than feedback. It’s about really being open and honest, admitting your weaknesses, sharing your strengths, and lifting each other up together. And you get to have FUN while you are doing all of this!

Did you know that only two (2!) out of every 100 entrepreneurs actually succeed in business…and it is because those two seek outside knowledge, support and guidance.

Being a part of a community that can help you and support you, will help you grow as an entrepreneur, and as a person.

Who is in your community?

If you are ready, I’d love to have you join mine here.<