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WomanYellingRotaryPhone-webQ: I can’t seem to make my business grow. I make a bit of money here and there but not every month. I can’t see what’s working and what’s not, so I do it all! Building a business wasn’t supposed to be this hard! Suggestions please! ~ Anna

A: Hi Anna, It’s only fitting that I can’t see either and I pulled your question from the list!

I’ve spent this past week with no-to-low vision and I turned inward to reflect on myself, my business and my ‘vision’, no pun intended.

I felt at a loss because I couldn’t do the day to day stuff I normally do and I also felt that I couldn’t see the future. This is a bit woo-woo but it was so eye-opening.

Often we can’t see what’s going on in our business because we are pushing too hard, doing a lot of busy shit that doesn’t actually contribute to our bottom line: getting clients and making money.

I also had to surrender to my team to run the business while I healed. The only task I really could do was talk. So I picked up the phone and called people (still use a phone with buttons).

I made sales calls because that was the only thing I could doand it’s the only thing you should be doing!

I always ask my clients this question when they are stuck: What is your biggest need in business? We all say money, which is true, but what gets you money? Clients.

When you know what your biggest need is, concentrate all your efforts in that direction and don’t stop until you get the results you need.

There is real clarity in this. We mess up our business with our feelings, our likes and dislikes, what we think we are good at, not good at, with our shoulds, coulds and would haves. All that mental over-stimulation clouds what we really need.

Business is really simple. It’s a numbers game and a simple math problem: x+y=z.

Trust that it is this simple. Trust to hire people to do the ‘busy’ work so that you can focus on your biggest need in business: getting and serving clients.