What Are You Tolerating?

I bet there are a few people in your circle of life that just bug the hell out of you. You don’t even have to stop and think about this one, you know exactly who they are and why they bother you so much. But we tolerate them. God only knows why. The biggest person that stands in our way is ourselves, but most of don’t know it because we believe our own bull****.


Wouldn’t it be super wonderful if we could just wish them and all our issues away? Well, we can’t wish them away but we can do something about it. I have never looked so deep within as I have these past 24 months when I was putting up with so much and so many. Well here I am, with 4 other super fab Canadian’s (Pierrette, Karen, Brigitte and Susanne) at 10k coaching in South Carolina.

What did I walk away with? A 90-day plan that includes a book written by moi and an awe inspiring speaking gig in Arizona! I have made a comeback greater than any Hollywood starlet.

And I have a whole new wardrobe to show for it.

Do you want to know how? Well I am going to tell you anyway.

It’s called The Elimination Plan. I first heard about this when I started coaching with Suzanne and I opened up her home study system.  In it she writes that we need to get rid of the toxicity that surrounds us, whether they be outside forces or within our own headspace.

“We put up with, accept, take on and are dragged down by people’s behavior, situations, unmet needs, crossed boundaries, incompletions, frustrations, problems and even our own behavior”. Why? I actually don’t have an answer to this but I do have the solution.


Stop allowing it.


What really inspired me to come up with that brilliant solution to the world’s oldest problem is the story of a friend of a friend of mine (yes that’s for real). Her name is Dionne Warner and she is a 7-time cancer survivor and she is still in her 40’s. My friend, Sylvia, has been talking about Dionne for years about her fight against cancer, again and again and again and again and again and again and again, to the point I stopped believing her! I couldn’t believe how this woman, no different than myself, could keep getting knocked on her ass with the really nasty C word.

A month or so ago Dionne’s story was published. I went to the book signing, and there, I finally met D. I felt like I had known her all these years and after reading her book (written by Deana Driver ), I knew I had to share it with you.

You can read her story here:



“Never leave your Wingman” is a fabulous story about a woman’s journey to hell and back 7 times. So how can someone survive cancer that many times?

She had an elimination plan. She also had a “never give up and never give in” attitude. And she surrounded herself with love.

Graham asked Dionne to marry him in between cancer 2 and 3.  Dionne told Graham that he didn’t have to marry her and she would understand if he chose not to.   “You never leave your partner vulnerable…you never leave your wingman”, says Graham.


So what are you tolerating?


Blowing kind wishes your way,