Welcome to 2014, Your Extraordinary Year!

The hardest part is always the beginning except when it comes to a New Year.  Right, eh?

Love YourselfIt’s a fresh start, wipe the slate clean, come clean, get down to business, down and dirty…whatever your tale is, you are on a high.

Or you’re hung over. Either way you are in celebration mode!

The celebration ends when we get tired of the daily grind to keep resolutions a glow. This can be 1 week, 1 month or 6 months, but eventually they do fizzle out.

Why? How do we keep it alive?

Here’s the answer.

In my last note to you I said that what is more important than looking ahead, is to look at what you are leaving behind. When you are really clear on what you don’t want, you are super clear on what you do want.

It’s the process of elimination and, quite frankly, that’s how I started my coaching journey in 2009. It’s also how my personal life has flourished these past few years, but I had to slay the old one first.

I am dedicating this year as the Year of Your Story.


Your New Story.


So this year you will…

  • Break down the walls that close you in
  • Stop treating your business like a seasonal shop
  • Take the real action to make real money
  • Stop the stupid excuses
  • Get visible, get known, get talked about
  • Suck it up
  • You will not waste because you are one year closer to death
  • Start doing what you tell your kids to do
  • Stop worrying about what people think
  • Love yourself more….

So let’s run naked in the streets and show the world just how fabulous we are!

This Year I am shaking things up. I am going big because I know you want a bigger life and a more successful business

  • You will hear my story, the one I have been ashamed to tell
  • You will know everything there is to know about my journey, my failures, my flaws, my fears and how I pulled it all together when my life sucked
  • You will see me live on my own stage in the Spring and the Fall.
  • You will get to know me. Inside. And. Out.

I am You.

You are Me. 

Together we will make wild dreams come true.