The fastest way to get your message out to the world

These are my top 10 ways I dug myself out of my spiritual breakdown and into my spiritual breakthrough.

The last 7 videos were around envisioning what it is you want to create in this world, connection, creation, enrollment, engagement, monetization and impact.

So today I want to talk to you about the fastest way to do all of that.

The fastest, most important way to get your message out into the world in a really big loud, audacious, tenacious way. And anyone can do it! Anyone, even if you are afraid of this.

I’m just going to get right to the point. There are three fast ways to do this, and then I’m going to nail it down the fastest way in the next video.

So, speaking, being heard, being seen and being visible is the fastest way to get your message out there.

  1. Speaking, whether it’s on video, on stage, on someone else’s stage.
  2. Audio, you’ve got to be recording your stuff. Whether it’s on iTunes or using any platform in order to get your message out through seminars and webinars.
  3. Writing. You need to be writing every day whether it’s a blog, an article, a response to someone on Facebook.

When you use those three platforms or speaking, writing and audios, the world gets to hear you. And then get to hear you in a big way. They get to see you and they get to feel you. It’s about establishing that know, like, trust factor.

When people know you and like you and they trust you, what do you think happens? They hear you, they listen to you, and the most importantly, they take action.

So if you aren’t speaking on a regular basis, right now I’m in Cuba on vacation with my friends and family. There is absolutely no internet but I’m shooting video. I’m in a place I love, by the pool, I just had my hair braided, I don’t have makeup on, it’s not professional video, the lighting is not amazing, but you know what? I’m still creating impact.

I’m still getting my word out there to you, the audience.

So, three fastest ways.

Speaking in front of a room at a networking event for 30 seconds is speaking. You are an official speaker when you are doing that.

You can take it right up to an hour long keynote talk to a full day event, to a three day event. It doesn’t matter.

Getting yourself up in front of a room is speaking. So some of you who are afraid to speak, you say you’re not a speaker. Just the fact that you go to a networking event and you stand up in front of everybody? You might be shaking, you are still speaking.

Audio – record your voice somewhere so that people can hear you. Whether it’s on Instant Teleseminar, iTunes, podcasts, any platform that offers the audio. TV shows, anything that can get you recording your pearls of wisdom.

Writing – make sure you are blogging. Make sure you are writing articles. Maybe it’s a newsletter. You can write for other people’s blogs. It doesn’t matter. Here’s the thing. When you speak, you write and record your voice, it’s not that you need to do something with your voice right away. You can store them and save them. They can become books. They can become a podcast series. They can be programs. They can be transcribed into home study systems. It’s endless.

When I built my first business I didn’t have any of that. It was a big deal to record a video. The only thing I did to get my business off the ground was office presentations. I went out, and I spoke as often as I could in front of a room full of people, whether that was one person or a hundred people. That was the ploy. I picked up the phone, made sales calls and got myself booked to do office presentations. I didn’t really even do any networking. I don’t think I even knew where to network. But I knew where my audience was and I knew what I need to do. I just needed to be in front of them.

Where are you going to be in front of your audience? Take a look, do some research. Where are all the networking gigs you can go to? Where are all the speaking gigs you can ask to be a speaker or at least attend, so you can stand up in front of the room and ask a couple of questions. That’s a really great ploy I used to do. If I wasn’t speaking at an event, but there was a microphone, I’d be like, ‘I have a question.’ And that got me in front of the room. So it’s scary stuff, but it’s fun.

So the three fastest ways – speaking in front of a room whether it’s live or on video, record your voice because that really can become an amazing home study system, and writing – make sure you are writing articles and blogs and things like that. You have the three verticals, the three platforms in order to get your voice and your message out there.

Remember with the internet, what happens? This shit goes viral, and it’s awesome.

That’s what you want. You want to go viral, so that you can create lasting impact in this world.

My impact project is to eliminate fear in 1 million women across the globe so they can live their life with power and purpose and without apology and I want to do this by 2020. And you are helping me with that dream and that vision!

Please, share away! I’d love for you to do that because you never know whose life you will change.

See you for the next tip in this series!