The 5 Most Inspirational Women on the Globe

Who are the 5 most inspirational women in your world?

This is subjective. It’s personal and it’s your opinion.

So here’s my opinion. In no particular order.

1. Hillary Rodham Clinton

I like this woman. She has faced humiliation at the hands of her husband, the most powerful man, at the time, on earth. She held her own, with her head held high, and rose above the scandal with grace and dignity. If you have been in her shoes, you know only too well how painful that deception is. Instead of remaining the ‘first lady’, Hilliary bound forward and took a stab at being ‘Mrs. President’. I guess that means Bill could have been the ‘first gentleman’. Talk about a step back. I liked her style when she pulled out of the running for the Oval Office. She knew what she was up against and bowed out with her eye on a new horizon. Of course, this is just my opinion.

2. Martha Stewart

Here is a feisty, balzie woman with flare. She has a reputation of being a ‘bitch’ but I guess you have to be if you want to create an empire. When a guy creates an empire, how come they aren’t referred to as bitchy? If  you add up all she has cooked up (besides the books), dressed up, messed up, or wrote up,  you have to admit she has accomplished a whole hell of alot in one lifetime, let alone several life times. She might have lost her marriage and spent time in the big house, but she came out on Top. And that’s what makes her an inspiration…and that’s a good thing.

3. Princess Diana

Some may argue that she had an ‘in’ with the top dogs over there, in the  United Kingdom, landing her a seat on the Royal pedestal. That may be true but she was handpicked by the prince himself when she was a commoner and alittle bit dowdy. She really did flower into a beautiful princess and become a respected spokesperson for the human race. You gotta love her for stepping on a few petunias in the Royal garden. Her death was tragic to say the least. Can you imagine how she could have changed the world if she lived another 50 years?

4. Mother Teresa

Need I say more? She was a nun after all. Now she is a saint. Her death was shroud in the death of Princess Diana, but that, I believe, was due to media sensationalism. Mother Teresa wasn’t in the spotlight, but her name will live on. I bet the youth of today don’t know who she was but I do hear them coin the phrase…who do you think you are, Mother Teresa? It could be argued that she was one of the most selfless human beings on the planet. God love her.

5. Madonna

She may not be the religious figure her name implies, but she is pretty darn inspirational. She is the type of person you love to hate and hate to love. She too has a reputation for being rough and tough, but look at her? That body doesn’t come by without alot of internal discipline and you can’t get much farther to the top of your game than she. It’s great to see a woman pay a hefty sum to her ex husband, but I didn’t really hear too much about that in the media in comparison to when a male celebrity has to pay off his ex wife. That’s just my warped sense of awe.

Who hits your top 5 list of inspirational women? Remember, it’s all a matter of opinion. Express it. Here. Freely. Or argue with me. You are entitled to that. After all, you are a Woman On Top.