Take back your time!

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funny-cartoon-man-tired-sleeping-floorQ: My business has plateaued and I just can’t seem to make any more money. I’m working around the clock and on weekends too and still not making head way.

I really do feel like a job would be so much easier but the thought of that makes me cringe. I started my own business to have more time not work twice as much. How do I manage my business and have a life too? ~ Melissa

A: Melissa, This is a universal issue amongst business owners, especially those in the first few  years of business. Your problem is not having enough time, it’s what you do with it.

It’s how you manage your time.

In today’s world we are constantly in reaction mode, rather than action mode. We react to texts, emails on our cell phones, phone calls, emails on our computers. We have lost control over our incoming communication. Growing up we had 1 phone and a busy signal. People waited for us. Nobody waits anymore.

So how do you take back and control  your time?

1.  You first need to own that your time is just that, yours. At birth we are given the gift of time and the only one that can take that away is a higher source (whatever that looks like for you).
2.  Time is a non renewable resource. Once it’s gone it’s gone. Use it wisely.
time management3.  The more structured you are with your time, especially as a business owner, the more freedom you will have. You don’t ‘lose’ time, you gain momentum in the direction you want your life to take.
4.  Get up an hour earlier everyday for a year. Your life will change dramatically.
5.  Hire an assistant in your business. You will gain triple the amount in time back. Trust me on this.
6.  Break up your 24 hours in this order: sleep, exercise, family, business, personal. We often do it in reverse and our bodies can not sustain this (I know, I tried for years)
7.  Break up your business time in this order: Sales, Marketing, Writing, Non-Revenue generating activities. Again, most people do it backwards. (maybe this is why your business is limping?)
8.  Make a Commitment to a certain number of hours in a day for business. Key word: Commitment.
9.  Focus on your biggest need in your business daily. (Usually this is client acquisition. Clients=Sales=Money=Life.)

Drum roll for number 10…..

10. Get super clear on what you want in life. Stop at nothing to get that.

Once you life is over. It’s over.

Sometimes we need to be hit over the head with the reality, so if this freaks you out, please talk to me. Click here to book a time to chat. I want nothing more than to see you live your epic life.