Your Story Is Your Key To Success

I could not move.

I went to bed with no symptoms and overnight some invisible force snuck in my bedroom and numbed the nerves to both my arms and I had no feeling from my shoulders to my hands.

The conditions of my life, the divorce, my parents’ death within 2 months of each other and the demands of my life and business had literally paralyzed me.

I was a newly divorced, single parent who had just started a new business, and life had stopped in its tracks. I had hit the proverbial rock bottom.

It took a while…I am sure you can imagine what it would be like laying there thinking life is over…but, after the shock had passed, I realized that I had lost the use of my body but I still had my voice. That was the start of the life I am living now.

The most powerful stories come from the heart and soul. It is the combination of authenticity and vulnerability that empowers, engages, and connects us to our tribe. And when people know you, they want to do business with you.

When I started to share my story, which was so difficult for me as I was raised to never show any signs of weakness, I started to see the impact it had on people. At the same time, I had two daughters to provide for. My back was against the wall financially. I had to get to work. So, I hunkered down, got super focused, hired the best coach, and built my business despite all of the crushing circumstances.

I learned two things.

The first is you need to have a strategy.

But … strategy and success does not matter if you are not leading an authentic life and are fulfilled by whatever you are doing. I couldn’t continue to do good work at the sacrifice of not knowing who I truly was at my core and not telling others, which led to getting reconnected to my “why” and aligning with my true purpose.

I created a powerful seven principles of impact strategy that helped me build a six-figure business and began sharing it with others so they could amplify their message and have a meaningful and lucrative business as well. I had a this crazy dream of helping a million people by 2020 overcome their own paralysis of fear and live their divine purpose.

So what do you need to do to join this crusade?

Start with knowing your “why.”

Be clear about what you want to do. And most importantly, share your story. It is a direct path to success.

When I shared my story, I now longer felt awkward and salesy.

I just asked if people wanted to join me and everything changed.

I was paralyzed by grief, shock, and stress.

Most entrepreneurs are paralyzed by fear of failure and limited beliefs often due to living someone else’s version of their life, not their own.

I am out to change this!

It’s time you lived the life you were meant to live.

Don’t wait for a crisis like I did to make the change.

Start now, take the time, do a deep dive into who you truly are and what you want to do.

And then tell your story.

It is your super power and super connector and your ultimate key to success.

There was a time I could not move.

Now I am trying to move the world.

Let’s do it together!

Join me for Speak From Your Soul and Sell in Six Minutes or Less!

Live the life you were meant to live.