Stop Flying Solo: 13 Things You Can Do Now To Grow Your Business

One of the biggest mistakes people make in building a business is trying to figure it out all by themselves. 

What makes you think you can start a business, get clients, make money and live happily ever after if you have not been shown how?

Especially if you have never done it before!

It’s ludicrous, but almost everyone tries flying solo. Why? Ignorance, ego and fear.

I have tried it too, and that’s why I know it doesn’t work.

Successful people know that they need help and ask for it. That’s what makes them successful!

You can’t possibly be good at everything. You will have some of the skills you need for a successful business, but not others.

Assess the skills you have, what skills you want to learn, and which others you need to hire out.



The first person I hired was an assistant to help with the day-to-day activities.Getting help for just five hours a month will be one of the best moves you can make.

If you are wondering when is the right time to hire someone and start spreading the word about your business my answer is simple. Right now.

Here are 13 things I did to stop flying solo in my business:

  • I hired a business coach
  • I hired a social media strategist for five hours a month
  • I bought a book on social media so I could be conversationally fluent (I knew 100% nothing!)
  • I hired a graphics person to work on name/logo/website
  • I started writing blogs on anything I could think about
  • I incorporated my business
  • I signed up for Legal Shield (legal advice at my fingertips)
  • I wrote a massive To-Do list and put it in order of priority
  • I set a workday schedule, picking the top three things to do every day
  • I scheduled in fun time/personal time
  • I mapped out the steps to my vision
  • I mapped out networking events in a 50 km radius
  • I started selling my service

And guess what happened?

I started getting clients.

I never stopped, and I still haven’t stopped.

I would love to challenge you to do the same.

Get moving forward and don’t stop.

Write up your list of things to do. Prioritize it. Make decisions on whether to hire someone to help you.

Post your list of things to do on our Facebook group – there is nothing like the support of community to get you accountability!

Love and gratitude,