We have to stick together!

Last week we celebrated International Women’s Day.

There was no lack of shareable social media posts about strong women. I bet your Facebook feed was as hopping as mine with empowering words, images, videos and even cartoons!

We celebrated all over the world, and rightly so.

We are to be celebrated – the amazing women of the world!

As women we have to stick together no matter where we live.

Especially us female business owners.

It’s often still a man’s world out there still ladies, and we have to work every day to make our voices heard.

We have to take actions to pump ourselves and our gender up.

We have to support and nurture and celebrate each other. Every day.




So many women need to be reminded to build each other up. I see it all over social media. 

Women tear other women down so that they can climb past them.

It’s not our fault, really. It’s kind of what we’ve been taught (some of us!) – that there is no place for women in business – especially as the Big Boss!

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I know this.

I’ve built two million dollar businesses, thank you very much! 

I know what I’m doing.

I love to help other women see that strength in themselves as well.

In the corporate world I can kind of see it. There is a ladder and you have to climb past others to get to the top. And often there is a struggle for wage parity.

But as an entrepreneur, the competition is totally different. I like to thing there is no real competition. And certainly wage parity never comes into it because we can set our own rates based on our value and our experience.

Yes! There is plenty of business out there for everyone. You just need to stand out, be unique, get noticed, to be heard, and you will get clients.

Women on Top is about helping women climbing to the top – and experiencing amazing success!

Business is hard sometimes, and we need all the support we can get.

So how do we do it? 

The people you surround yourself most often are those you will most impact, and they will also impact you.

Seek out those colleagues and clients who build you up and celebrates your successes every day.

Be one of those colleagues who builds others up and celebrate their successes every day.

You will find that by doing this your attitude will inevitably switch to a more positive frame of mind.

And being positive attracts more people to you. Who wants to be around someone who is negative all the time?

Positivity breeds more positivity.  Negative emotions narrow your thoughts.

To focus on the negative issues in your business can freeze your forward momentum.

By brushing yourself off and focusing on positivity, you can reframe how you see many situations, and clear your mind of negative thoughts.  And when our minds are clear and happy, we make better decisions and we do better business.

You will open your mind to more possibilities. And that leads to more success!

I urge you to try it for a week. I bet you’ll see a difference!

For more inspiration, download my Confident Woman Manifesto and post it in your office!