Stepping out of your comfort zone works!

How are you? I just arrived back from my conference in Vancouver and it was terrific. I met lots of high level business owners and I learned a lot!
I was very excited to read some of your responses to my challenge last week to add three things to your calendar that would help you connect with other successful business owners. Keep them coming!
By challenging yourself like this, you step out of your comfort zone, and that’s how you grow as a business owner.
Step out of what feels comfortable for you – it can feel scary, but I promise you it will be worth it. 
Think about a baby taking his first steps. Remember learning to ride a bikeor drive a car? And what about making your first-ever sales call? Did you just want to curl up and cry before, during or after it?
It’s about feeling that fear and doing it anyway. Practice will help you get better at whatever it is you fear. And with practice you also build confidence in yourself. In what you can do. In what you can achieve!
We can all walk, most of us can ride bikes or cars. And you are making sales calls all the time now (aren’t you??) 🙂
And let me tell you, when you do something that you thought you couldn’t do, it’s even more exciting.
I stepped out of my comfort zone this week and introduced myself to the organizers of the conference I was at. I was so nervous because I was thinking, ‘Why would they care to meet me?’ but I did it anyway. And they were all so nice!
I am very happy to have connected with them, and it was the cherry on top to attending this terrific event.
Here I am with business strategist and 7-time NY Times best-selling author and Harvey Mackay:
Odette and Harvey Mackay
and with Life Skills Transformational Expert and NY Times best-selling author Marci Shimoff:
Odette and Marci Shimoff
and here I am supporting The Propeller Project and the Camp BUCKO (a burn camp for kids). 
Okay… so maybe this picture wasn’t as uncomfortable to ask for!
Odette and firefighters
Do something you think can’t. I think you’ll surprise yourself!
If you need a little confidence boost, check out my 24 Qualities of a Confident Woman blog post.
You’ve got this!
Print it and hang it up beside your computer for inspiration every day!
I’d love to hear your comments – post them below!
Love and gratitude,