Selling From The Stage Is Easier Than You Think!

I recently wrote about speaking from your soul  and how sharing my story helped my audience relate better to me, after my spiritual breakthrough.

It was easier the more I did it. I got more comfortable and clearer on the message I wanted to share with my people.

As I continued to share my story, my business grew.

There is plenty of evidence that stories sell. That is why so many television commercials are story-based. We connect on an emotional level and we can relate to the narrative. That connection is transferred to the company.

I never really understood it until I saw the impact my story had on an audience.

There was instant rapport.

There was support for me in my vulnerability.

There was appreciation for my bravery.

There was respect for my ability to overcome.

And they were encouraged with hope to overcome their own challenges.

When I started to talk to my clients about their soul story, most of them didn’t know what their story was or discounted its value. Who would care about that, they would ask.

They were diluting their own impact, just like I had, because they didn’t appreciate the power in their individual story.

You see, our passion and our purpose are born in the midst of the best and worst stories of our lives.

And our stories are road signs, directing us on our path.

Your stories share the lessons you have learned and the process you used to succeed.

In the business world, our personal story makes us human and relatable. It is the quickest path to trust.

There is so much gold in one story we may never know the full impact it can have.

Never be afraid to tell your story. It could make all the difference in the world to someone. You have the ability to make a difference.

When I talk about telling stories in business and people get all awkward. Like I felt way back when.

Isn’t that salesy?

The answer is no.

Speaking from the soul is not just about selling products.

The great leaders like Martin Luther King Jr spoke and sold the concept of changing the world.

Nick Vujici sells the hope that anyone can overcome any obstacle as he has lived without arms and legs and yet accomplished more than most people.

And stories help people understand a concept quicker and easier.

As I started to teach my process, I unwittingly became the art teacher, helping people sculpt their story from a lump of clay into a masterpiece, or the very least, a great real-life fairy tale. And I loved it!

I cannot tell you how amazing it is to have someone walk into a two-day event slumped over, low-energy, scared out of their minds because they are not sure they have a story or that their story is good enough, and then have them leave 48 hours later confident and charismatic!

They found their story.

Then they owned their story.

I’d love to teach you to build your impactful talk around your own unique story.

Your micro-talk is the key – when you can get clarity in a five-minute talk, you can expand it to a 30 minute keynote, or a 90 minute workshop.

When your story is clear, you create impact. And with impact, come clients!

Let’s make it happen!