Sailing the 7 C’s to go from Compliments to Clients!

Do you get a lot of compliments about you and your business? How wonderful you are? How super fabulous your business idea is? That the world is  a better place because your business is so needed? 

compliments, competition, courage, confidence, clarity, conversation, clientsAnd some how this complimenters says “oh, but I don’t need your product or service, I am sure someone else does!” (When you know full well that they do in fact need you). 
So how do you take the Compliment and turn them into Clients?
I don’t want to confuse Compliments to Clients with Conversations to Cash (which is a killer sales program by Suzanne Evans, and if your sales suck, buy that system!)
Compliments are great, don’t get me wrong. But if you need to eat and keep a roof over your head you have to learn how to make money from these compliments.
Here’s the truth; a lot of compliments aren’t genuine because if they were, you would have people breaking down your door. People don’t want to hurt your feelings , so they lie and tell you something is great when really it isn’t. I don’t know about you but I would rather have the truth be told to me rather than me thinking what I am doing is working!
So here are a few tips to sail down the 7 C’s:
  • When someone compliments you ask them what specifically they are complimenting you on
  •  Ask them what they like and what you could do to improve
  • Find a few people in your circle that will be honest with you (Karen and Susanne are really honest!)
  • Really get to know your competition and learn what works for them (and what doesn’t work)
  • If you get all weirded out by your competition being in the same room as you, get over it, there is enough work for everybody!
  • No one does your business like you do, so really, there is no competition (how do you stand out in a crowded market?)
  • The only way your business will grow is when you take a risk
  • Be willing to try new things and fail at a few
  • Fear will not kill you
  • The only way you will build the confidence muscle is by doing, so go do!
  • Stop going to the Pity party for one
  • If you could learn to walk and talk, you can learn to make money
  • You have to be so clear in your vision so that you know where you are going
  • You must be super clear in your message so people understand what you do (no one cares how you do it)
  • Do your business like you are the sole breadwinner (and if you are, do it like your life depends on it, which it does)
  • You have to talk to people (in person) so they know who you are and what you do
  • Learn how to ask people for the business (otherwise get a job)
  • Create that killer 15 second pitch that we understand!
  • Ask people to work with you!
  • Be known for amazing customer service!
  • Love your clients!
Cash is the port that you sail into. Get real with yourself and know that money has to be part of your Why. I know a lot of independently wealthy people and they all say that money is a big part of their business why. See you inland!