Recharged and Ready to Take on the World

Hey there everyone!

I am back from my 5 week trip and wow! I feel more alive, awake, recharged and ready to take on the world!

I am going to be making some changes to my site as well as any written stuff that I do, It will signify the REAL ME. so stay tuned.

Another project that I am embarking on is a book. That’s right, I am going to write a book.

That was the whole point of taking some time away. Actually my story coach, and yes, there is such a thing,  feels there are two books in me after our initial few sessions.

In the meantime, you gotta check out this video. It is a tender and highly inspirational account of one man’s journey in between his 2 lives.

You will hear how Matt Damon and Will Smith changed his life.

You will know how Manuel De Los Santos changed my life.

What will it take to change yours?