New Year’s Resolution or Revolution?

I say make a New Year’s Revolution. If you are dreaming big, you might as well be doing big.

When you think about it, if the average life expectancy is 80.4 years (in Canada), shave off 5 years for health, slowing down, or whatever life throws at you (and yes I know some of us will live to 100 but for argument sakes, let’s just use the government statistics), you got to age 75.

How old are you now? I am 46, so that leaves me with 29 years. In prison terms, that’s a lot. In having fun terms, not so long.

Let’s face it, the last 46 flashed before my eyes; the next 29 are going to go quicker. Probably because I have kids and now my life is measured by how quickly they enter and exit puberty, while I count the new recruits of grey hair and wrinkles on a daily basis it seems.

So how do you make a revolution? If Bonaparte did it, so can you.

  1. You are dreaming big so start taking the action that will feed the dream. It’s all in the action. If you are currently talking yourself out of doing the things to make this dream come true, STOP! Breathe. Smile. Then do 1 small thing a day.
  2. Life and business are like hearty stew. Feed the brain and the heart. This will feed your pocket book. I promise.
  3. Take back the control your money and your mindset have robbed you of. You will so love life that much more.
  4. What’s the C word we all hate? Commitment. Yup, you think you have it, but not so much when you are more committed to saying ‘oh geez, I don’t know if I can do that…’
  5. No one has ever accused me of dilly-dallying. Are you a Sally Dilly Dallier?
  6. Go for IT. It doesn’t matter what IT is, just do IT. (hey that sounds familiar)
  7. If all you got is 10 minutes a day, take the 10 minutes. Think of where you will be in 1 year. You will be a Woman on Top.

Now I am going to jump in the hot tub and drink wine. After all it is going to be a New Year.