Most people can’t get enough of it

Success, success, success. We all want more of it, never less of it.  Most people can’t get enough of it.

It’s the American dream. It’s the Canadian dream. It’s everyone’s dream. It’s about our happiness. It’s about the size of our houses, TVs and wallets. In fact success can never be ‘too big’.

How do we really measure success? Usually by the success of other people. Unfortunately.

There will always be someone more successful than yourself and others that lag  behind. That’s the beauty of success; it’s always in a state of motion, and not necessarily pointed north. That’s ok though, to know you have reached the top, is to know what the bottom feels like. Sometimes more than once.

So how successful are you? I have worked with some pretty amazing people in my various careers and every single one of them is successful in their own right. Every one.

Success can not be measured by another. It can only be measured by our own accounts.

So how successful are  you?