Mindset…and maybe a little Pepto Bismol

The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary-Vidal Sassoon

What tickles your fancy? To be an employee or to own your own business? We aren’t saying there is anything wrong with being an employee; we just want to make sure that you think its ok. I personally don’t like being told what to do, when and how, on a regular basis. I am all for structure and guidance and someone to work alongside with other than my cat, but I want, rather, need to be in control of my day to day goings on.  For this, I will take the risk of being an owner rather than working for one.

It’s all about mindset. It’s about developing the right mental attitude. Think positively, be positive. It’s in the responsibility of knowing you own your own business and that it’s ALL UP TO YOU. Scary, but exhilarating. It’s an emotional roller coaster, one that you control, that you steer.

Most people are afraid to be their own boss. It’s their little voice, their gremlin that sabotages their self esteem and self respect for not believing that they too can DO IT. Everyone has this little voice, or more accurately, the one that screams at us from time to time.  It’s the perceived pain of the setback from an obstacle that messes with our head, rather than the setback itself. It’s how we manage the pain, or how long we allow the pain to last that is the issue.

It’s about long term thinking that gives you the motivation. If you only think about the problem ‘of the moment’, and not that it is what it is, a short term problem, your long term vision becomes cloudy. We all have problems. Every day we encounter some sort of issue that needs to be dealt with outside of our comfort zone. Every day!

Starting a business is awkward. It’s out of our comfort zone, it‘s an uphill battle. It’s one heck of a learning curve. If you take time to learn it, stick with it, it will eventually become second nature. Then you need to learn some more. Success happens only in learning. Learning comes from coaching.  A coach can be a friend, family member, co-worker, pint of ice cream or pint of beer, bartender, a book, a dream. A coach can also be, well, a coach. Success happens when there is a willingness to be coachable.

Too many people think that when they have it all figured out, they don’t need to learn anymore. So they stop learning, and they stop being successful.

Here’s the ironic thing: The more you know the more you realize what you don’t know!

Success is not guaranteed. It is measured by input. Most people stick a toe in and when they hit their first obstacle, their first ‘no’, they yank their toe out. They are focusing on the ‘problem of the moment’ and lose sight of their long term vision. We need to go into each day with a goal so that we can dodge the curve balls.

It is easier not to try; it is easier to give up when we hit a road block. Success takes a lot of time and effort. It takes the feeling of what ‘no’ does to us to appreciate what the ‘yes’ feels like. We all have a relationship with the word no and typically it gives us that yucky feeling in the pit of our stomach.

How do we overcome it?

Mindset.  A positive one. And maybe a little Pepto Bismal.