One Take Wonder: If You Aren’t Making the Money You Want, This is a MUST Watch!

Have you ever woken up in a feeling of fear and panic about not having enough money?

      Oh My Gawd – I don’t have enough money,
      I don’t have enough clients, what if I don’t get enough clients,
      I’ll lose it all!!

I had this exact experience 2 weeks ago.  I woke up in absolute fear.  I was in complete panic.  I went to bed that Sunday night excited for the week, and I woke up to the worry about money.

The feeling seemed to hang on like a dark cloud.  I stopped doing any of my morning grounding and gratitude exercises.  At first, I went to self-righteous – dammit I have a right to feel this way.

I even had a pity party… for a WHOLE WEEK (which I don’t recommend by the way) and within that week, everything started to collapse.  Clients started having fears and panics, I had weird interactions with people, I had a HUGE problem with my bank, and I was grumpy!!


Well… it’s actually simple.

I stopped believing.  I stopped practicing.  I stopped doing the work.

The following Monday I made the choice to start cleaning up my own stuff and get back on track.  I re-engaged back into my routine and really felt the feeling of flow, abundance, gratitude and faith running through me.  I chose to start believing again.  I chose to do the work.  I chose to get out of my pity party.  I chose abundance.

And then things started cleaning itself up.  For real!

Why am I telling you this?

It’s ok to have human experiences, but don’t chose to stay there because that’s when fit hits the shan and everything turns into a complete crapshoot!!

You are the creator of your life.  If you are in the feeling of flow, gratitude, abundance, faith and accountability, the universe will show you that in return.  If you are in the feeling of lack, panic and fear, the universe will show you that.  The good news is, at any moment you can shift this and choose a different feeling.

If you feel you can’t do it alone, reach out to someone – get a coach, a mentor, or a friend that won’t allow you to chose the pity party.

So when the next panic attack comes, what will you choose?






P.S. If you don’t have a coach that will kick your butt like mine did to me, complete this needs assessment and book a 30-minute Strategy Session and let’s see if we can work together.

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