It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
No, not the holidays … although they are definitely on the way!
Now is the time of year where we look ahead – to the future. To the possibilities of what we can accomplish in the coming year.
It’s time to reflect on what you intended to do this year.
Did you accomplish everything you wanted?
Did you do better than you thought? or worse?
If your plan did not get you to where you wanted to go in 2016, there is no better time than to commit to your own success in 2017 than right now.
Join me for my two-day Business Intensive Retreat in Toronto on December 12 and 13 for a transformation in your thoughts, your beliefs and your actions.
My client Hailey attended my last retreat and here’s what she had to say about the transformation she experienced in just two days: 
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“I can’t even put into words the amount of things that I’ve learned, the things I’m going to change in my life and in my business. One of the most important nuggets I got is this: I was dealing with a lot of guilt about monetizing my work with women. I was struggling with thinking I had to do it for free. Odette lifted that guilt and unleashed my power and ability to monetize the difference I can make for people. If I don’t charge I will be doing people a disservice because they will not pay attention, they won’t be invested, and they won’t make the transformation they could. I am very glad that I paid to be here. I am taking it seriously and I’m going to do the work. Thanks to Odette and her team!”
~ Hailey Patry
Mom to 3, 7 Figure Business Owner, Author, Professional Speaker
If you have attended a two-day retreat before, you know the value of immersing yourself in this kind of experience .. where you can stop everything and just concentrate on the roadblocks and challenges you are facing in your business or personal life.
We block out the noise that constantly surrounds us and we can concentrate on how to lift ourselves up and create greater impact in this world. 
Planning for your success should be at the top of your list. Planning in a mastermind setting gives you the time and attention you need to do it right.
I purposely keep these groups small, so that the setting is intimate and personal. So don’t wait to apply. The spots will fill up quickly!
Come and join us. 
When you sign up for the Mastermind Business Retreat you get:
  • 2-day Mastermind
  • A Personalized Action Plan just for you
  • My signature “1-1 laser-coaching”
  • Feedback, resources and support from other biz owners

I hope to see your application!  

If you have questions as to whether this retreat is right for you, be sure to reach out to us at

Love and gratitude,