Is your Networking more like NOTworking…. when you get home?

Picture you here. At The Fantastic Event.

It’s all a buzz. It’s the place to be and YOU are here!


You are so excited to be around people that are Big Time. It makes you feel larger than life. The anticipation of what’s to come, the connections that will foster amazing business relationships, the money to be made! Wow!!


This is called A Fantastic Event. You don’t want leave. You want to take everyone home with you because you loved them so much.


‘so glad to meet you’! …”I’ll call you!”… “I can’t wait to hear more!” …”We have got to get together”…”I know someone that could use your service”… “Let’s connect after the show”…..

You have heard it all. You have probably said it all too.


Now picture this…


You get home and you are pumped and super excited to contact all those amazing people you just met, so full of promise. You put your stack of business cards that you collected by your computer.


Before you know it, 1 day, 2 days, 3 days have gone by… 1 week…finally you say to yourself, with a little bit of angst, “geez….I have to contact these amazing people, I better get on it today”


But you look at the phone and try to pick it up. You can’t. When did the damn phone weigh so much!


Your mind starts to play games…”they said they would call me”…”how come no one is contacting me”…”they don’t want to hear from me”…”i am sure I will run into them again at the next event”


You fall into the deadly trap of


Is your Networking more like NOTworking…when you get home?


The real questions is NOW what? What the heck do you do when you get home after a fabulous event rubbing elbows with movers and shakers.


Most of us feel this way but there is an answer!


If you already know you can’t go on like this anymore then grab your virtual seat to listen in and learn exactly what to do when you get home from a spectacular event with a handful of life changing connections.

So stop Flying by the  seat of your pants

Discover exactly what you need to do, when to do and how to do after The Fantastic Event.


You will learn how to change those polite conversations into real sales conversations!


What you will come away with after this sensational call:


  • The # 1thing you must  do before an event to bring you the biggest ROI.

  • Exactly what to say to people during The Fantastic Event that will build  solid life changing relationships

  • What to do after The Fantastic Event that will put money in your pocket and keep the relationships growing

  • How to build that follow up muscle so you can pick up the 100 lb phone every time!


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