I have invested so much but I still have no clients!

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startupsQ: I took this online course on how to start a business. I have everything In place: great website, social media all set up, brochures, networking and I even hired a VA!  I’m doing everything the course told me to do. The only thing I don’t have are clients! I’m so frustrated and quite frankly, scared that I shouldn’t have taken a leap of faith and started my own business. What do I do now? I have invested so much and I don’t have anything to show for it. ~ Denise

A: Hi Denise! What a great question and congratulations for deciding to be your own boss. It truly is a great way to make your own money and live by your rules….but only when you have clients.

Your question is such a common problem with (new) entrepreneurs. Owning your own business is more than just the tangibles: website, business cards, going to networking events and setting up social media.

They are necessary but not what will bring the clients in the door (the networking will but hang on for a minute).

It’s like a car; you have all the outside pieces but what’s missing is the engine.

You are the engine.

What drives the car (the business) is the engine. All the fancy pieces on the outside don’t matter, if the engine is in top condition the drive will be fantastic.

11760313_918650191529480_6119631081107188073_nYou have not been focusing on the most important part of the business and that’s You.

How do you show up to your business everyday? Are you talking to your ideal clients everyday? Are you reaching out and asking people to work with you?

What is your mindset like? What is your message and is it working?

Online courses are great, but it sounds like there are a few missing components to the course, and that is looking at who is running the business. You.

I built my first business with an Idea. I sold the Idea. I asked for clients and money with my Idea. I delivered the Idea and gave my clients the results they were looking for.

I didn’t have a website, barely a brand but I still had a business. A solid business that brought in clients and made money.

When we focus on the outside stuff to grow a business, get clients and make money, we tend to do the opposite.

So my suggestion to you is to focus on who you are, who you need to be, what you bring to the table, what you lack and build it from the inside out.

And be sure to let me know your results!