Interview for Entrepreneurial Moms

Below is an interview I recently did for Entrepreneurial Mom’s. It was an honor and I hope you enjoy it as you learn just a little bit more about me. Thanks for reading!

1. How did you get to become a business coach for women?
I have entrepreneurship in my blood. I have this burning desire to work for myself and create something unique and wonderful, something that being an employee cannot fulfill for me. My first business was hugely successful, reaching multiple six figures in a relatively short amount of time. I was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year in my first year of business and that business is still thriving almost 19 years later. I sold my shares to my partner after about 10 years to explore other options. I went back to school as a single mom of 2 very young girls and tried to be an employee but it’s like putting a square peg into a round hole. I had a degree and a diploma in the social services and the money is just not there for what I brought to the table. I thought I would try opening up my own practice in counselling but after meeting with a coach to hammer out what it was that I wanted to do with my life and career, counselling was not it! We worked through what my ultimate goal was in life, where I saw myself in my future. From there I discovered that the total sum of all my business experience and success and my life challenges and rewards, all added up to me having to share my story, share my knowledge and work with women to become, to have and to be all that they were meant to be, in life and in business. I know how hard it is to start a business, to create something extraordinary and I had help every step of the way, therefore other women would need the same guidance. Let’s face it, I have the tenacity, the determination and persistence to create amazing things in my life and it’s hard! It’s really hard to stay the course. I want to help women who aren’t quite as audacious as I am to get what they want out of life. I have to be a coach, a voice of strength for them. I have the skills and the mindset to lend to them, so they can achieve the same success I have.

2. Women On Top? Where did the name come from?
I was enrolled in a Landmark Education course (which, I strongly believe, everyone should take, it’s that valuable) called the Self Expression and Leadership Course. I was working on a project that eventually became Women on Top, but the business didn’t exist yet. I was asking the group for a name for the project (a seminar on business start up for women) and no one shouted out anything I liked. Until I sat down at my seat. A lady leaned over and whispered in my ear; “Women On Top”. I said; “pardon?”. She repeated herself and added this; “Women On Top, that should be the name of your business. You are a woman who gets what she wants, stops at nothing to get it, and is determined, motivated and audacious as hell”. I thought to myself; “Wow, she really thinks that about me? That’s pretty cool”. I can tell you, it instantly set the tone for my business, for my life.

3. What was the Best/Worst business advice you ever received?
The best advice I have ever received was this; “Take it one step at a time, but take the step, NOW! If all you got is 10 minutes in your day, take the 10 minutes. By the end of the year think where you will be.” And that’s what I did. Small, consistent steps got me to where I am today, and I haven’t even tapped into my greatness or reached my pinnacle. That is both scary and exhilarating! I have never received bad advice. Why? Because there is always, I repeat, always, a valuable lesson in everything presented to you. It may not mean anything to you at that moment. You just need to look at the source and where they are in their lives and know that they are doing their best with what life has presented to them.

4. What your advice to busy moms is in regards to managing personal and business life?
You just do what you gotta do to survive sometimes. We make choices based on where we are at that moment and know that it will not last forever. As a woman, mom and coach I would say that we are all 100% responsible for where we are in our lives and that we have the power to choose. Good or bad. Chocolate or vanilla. In or out. Right or wrong. You have the power.

5. What are Entrepreneurial Moms looking forward to learn from you at our next event?

I’d like this to be an opportunity where we all learn from each other. I wrote “How Big is Your But?” because we women really do spend more time and energy looking back at our reflection in the mirror checking out  our butt, our rear end, than we do looking past our imperfections, to the person we truly are.  Hey I wrote it, and I do it too! In other words, we focus on the negative, our “But”, aka, our excuses, justifications and foolish reasoning for not becoming, doing or having what we really want in life. And we hoard these excuses and justifications until they become our reality. I want to bust this wide open! I also wrote: “Business for Barbies: The Smart Doll’s Guide to Attracting Real Clients and Making Real Money”. This is the technical know-how to starting a business or revamping your business by exploring Your Why. Your Why is your driving force behind your ambition and without a crystal clear answer, knowing Who your ideal client is, Where they hang out and How to get to them so you can make money, will be impossible to answer. So, I bring to the table the mindset and the skill set and mush them together to create one big beautiful YOU.