Increase your Sales Mojo with Improv!

Jason Reid, a Man on Top of his business, is hosting Gina Trimarco Cligrow on his Mojo-Master Lunch Tele-class on Wednesday September 10 and I highly recommend you all be on it – it’s a free 30-minute lunchtime tele-class that will help you recharge your mojo and make more money in your business!

Increase Your Sales Mojo with Improv!


Do you freeze up and go blank when you get sales objections and lose the sale?

Having the ability to improvise is a simple and fun way to get people to say yes to you what you’re selling (and make you more money).

Jason’s guest this month is improv expert Gina Trimarco Cligrow. Gina will show you how to:

• Actively listen to what potential clients say and DON’T say;

• Respond quickly in the moment to sales objections and stalled sales conversations;

• Build trust relationships that lead to sales revenue.

Plus Gina will take Jason through a live improv exercise on the call!

This is going to be both fun and also valuable for anyone who needs more mojo and less fear in their sales calls.

Date and time: Wednesday September 10, at noon eastern.

(If you can’t make it you can listen to the recording).

Register at: