If You Got It, Flaunt It!

So how are those 2012 goals and aspirations doing? We are one month into the New Year. Is the novelty of the New Year, the new you, the new business, dwindling? You know, just because January has come and gone doesn’t mean you can’t climb back on the saddle. It’s ok to admit that you haven’t started your year off with a bang. In fact it is more realistic that you didn’t. Anything that shoots from a cannon has to land somewhere, and it’s not always the moon. It’s ok to have a dud as long as you reload.

So I am here to remind you that February is a good month too. So is March, April and even May.

I am on a plane heading home from Orlando, Florida where I spent a few days for my own kick in the tush, I mean coaching, with Suzanne Evans and her entourage. What an eye opener this was. It always is and I love it. Why? Because for me, to get where I am going I too need someone to guide me, to teach me, to help me drive my business north.

No way in hell am I about to let ego, bad attitude or fear get in the way. This is my life we are talking about. It’s about what I want, what I need to have and where I want to go that drives me. I have allowed someone to do whatever it takes to help me get there. I was lucky to have Pat Mussieux, an amazing business coach, along for the ride. She kicked my butt too. Not so much with words but with ‘the look.’ You know what I mean.

This brings me to the dreaded C word. Well actually there are 3. Confidence, Courage. And Conviction. You need to have all three in sync in order to get what you want for your life. I will give you an example. A good friend of mine is a phenomenal speaker, presenter and creator of the spoken word. She blows everyone away with her outstanding, on the fly presentations.

Problem numero uno: She does not see how great she really is. She lacks confidence.

Problem numero duo: She lacks the courage to move forward in her business because she doesn’t believe she has what it takes. People, she is sensational! She gets standing ovations! It’s a shame really; people pay big bucks to be half as good as her. Present company included.

This brings me to Conviction and problem numero tres. Without the confidence, without the courage, she does not have the conviction to surge ahead. The kicker is that this talented lady is selling herself short and she knows it. We still love her though 😉

So do you see you here? Do you make excuses for your brilliance? Do you throw down obstacles and raise barriers? Do you suffer from the mental turbulence? Are people not being as great as they can be because you aren’t being as great as you can be?

We all have special gifts bestowed upon us by a higher up. If we do not share these special gifts with others we are preventing others from using theirs. It should be illegal, it’s that offensive. If you got it, flaunt it.

Ok, so you need a little help flaunting it. That’s ok. There is enough help out there to buff and polish you till you shine. This brings me back to my own coaching in Orlando. This was a room full of coaches being coached by a coach who has a coach. It comes full circle and that’s what makes the world go ’round.

Confidence: Sometimes you got it sometimes you don’t. It can change as often as you change your underwear.
Courage: It’s not just for lions.
Conviction: It’s like the runner’s high. Just keep going till you cross the finish line.

These are the real C words. Go on, use them.