If You Don’t Own It, You Lose It!

It’s 7 am and I am sitting on one of the many wonderful beaches in Myrtle Beach. The sun is rising and I am feeling pretty amazing. Business and pleasure bring me back down to South Carolina. I had a VIP day with my own coach, Suzanne Evans and I can tell you, when she says ‘You know I love you…’, you know it’s coming. It’s a little bit like a tidal wave; at first you don’t see it coming, then all of a sudden WHAM, you have just been swept out to sea. But it’s all good.

“Odette, you have got to Own it! If you are going to call yourself a Woman on Top, you need to own that kind of messaging”. 

Got it.  I don’t need to be told twice. See, I get my ass whooped too.

We need to own both our personal and our professional brand. If your personal message to the world says ‘I suck’, then you are not at the helm of your ship, able to take on the tidal waves.

So many of you know that last year sucked for me personally. But that was last year.



This is me now….



Enough said.

So who took this Fab picture of the girls and me? Her name is Doxa. What a cool name…Doxa. Many months ago I was at a networking pow wow and saw these amazing photographs that I thought were taken by the famous Anne Geddes. When I found out the photographer was a local gal and that Doxa was the gift behind those pictures, I was uberly impressed. I immediately said that I HAD to get a family photo done. It just had to wait till I had my summer glow. Unfortunately my youngest daughter, Briana, just got her braces on but we weren’t about to wait two years!

What she captured was an essence, a feeling, and a unity of my family that was long over due.

How does she do it? Well Doxa says it best: “I would like to capture not only the special events in your family’s life, but in the rare candid moments that allow for a family’s inner spirit to shine through. With a style that is natural and fresh, your family’s expressions and personality become the focus of every image.

Capturing moments that last a lifetime…”


Personality, inner spirit and love…A Picture in Time.


If you want this for you and your family, I urge you to contact Doxa at





So remember, who you are in your personal life is who you are in your business life. If you need to clean up your personal life, do it. Now. Time is not on your side.

Lots of loving to you,