If you can get one client, you can get 10, 100, or more …

We have been talking a lot lately about knowing who you are and what your clients need from you, so you can convey the right message to them..

Our mindset dictates a lot of our results in our business, so that is super important!

But here’s a really simple little truth for you … getting clients is about numbers too.

If you can get one client, you can get 10 clients – you can get 100, a thousand or more. How?

By keeping track of what you do. Identifying what you say. What works. What doesn’t.

Think about how you signed your last 10 clients (or think about your last 10 sales conversations if you don’t have 10 clients).

Who did you talk to? How did it turn out?

What did you say? What worked? What didn’t?

Keeping track of what you are saying to your potential clients is one of the keys to making your numbers work.

The Numbers: If you can get ONE client, you can get TEN. If you can get TEN clients, you can get 100. Discuss. >>>>>

We need to discuss this. It is really simple math.

When we get our first client who pays us for our service or product, we get all giddy with excitement.

Then why do we find it difficult to rinse and repeat the steps it took to get that client so we can find others?

Because we haven’t addressed the problem underneath it all; our fear of showing up 100% our authentic and natural self.

There may be other reasons, but not being YOU just as you are, limits who YOU really are.

The rest is just math! Click here to read my blog post about how to manage your numbers!

Love and gratitude,