If only I were a princess

We all grew up wanting to be princesses. Pretty blue eyes, long flowing hair and sparkly dresses. The prince waiting at the ball for us. Cinderella, our idol. What if we had a life that was princess like?

There are days I wish I had everything handed to me on a platter. Sleep late, breakfast ready, massage (a hunky guy of course), nails…the whole nine yards. This thought lasts for about a day or two, then my true feisty self kicks in. I need to be challenged, and not the break a nail kinda challenge. The ‘sink your teeth in’ kind of excitement.

What would I be like now if I grew up differently, with different parents in a different city? What if I went to a different school, with different friends? What if I was a brunette or a red head? Shorter? What if I was born in the 40’s or the 20’s, would I still be the feisty gal of the 60’s? (I am just glad I wasn’t born to disco loving parents. I can tolerate Lawrence Welk).

I look at my girls and wonder what they would be like if I wasn’t their mother; not a good thought to have. What if I had boys and not girls? Would I be a different mother?

It’s fun to wonder ‘what if’. Its fun to say ‘I wish I was a…’ but it’s more fun to say, I turned out alright. Yeah, go me.