I Have Huge Plans For You!

I’ve got big plans for 2012. Huge plans. Why? Because I learned a great deal about human potential in 2011 and it would be a shame not to share it with the world.

I will admit that I was quite happy to shut the door on 2011. Life was beating me down at every turn. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. Boom, boom, boom.  Just when I thought the fight was over, I would be blind sided with a kick that would  knock me back on my ass. How did I survive? I saved me. My circle of support saved me. My philosophy on life was the strongest muscle I had and I pumped that baby up so big even Arnie would cringe.

When I was feeling crushed, I took baby steps. When I was feeling great, I ran with it. I knew that I was 100% responsible for where I was at any given moment. I knew I had the power to generate momentum even when times were rough. I decided to use my adversity to my advantage.

My firm belief is that anybody can be anything and accomplish anything if you stay consistent and if you stay in the game. It’s not how fast you play the game, it’s how long you stay in the game. It’s not how you start, it’s that you continue.  It’s the seemingly insignificant steps, or small choices, that make the biggest impact. The consistent, incremental progress rather than huge leaps and bounds are the butterfly effect on your life and your business.

This is what kept my business alive and me kicking in 2011. Long, Hard and Consistent efforts compounded over time, along with a few good glasses of wine and a friend to lean on A solid recipe for staying the course.

There is tremendous opportunity out there to get what you want and an abundance of help to make sure you do. Excuses are no longer an option. If you are reading this and an excuse is at the tip of your tongue, bite it! There are way too many of us that can lend a hand, lend an ear, lend you money.

If you are not where you want to be in life, if you are not on the road to fulfilling your dreams, if your business is not where you want it to be then you are not living the life you were meant to live.  It’s not that hard to live the unique and worthwhile life you crave. All you have to do is surrender to your desires and say YES. Fear is the number 1 killer of the Yes vote.

A very wise woman recently told me that I have not stepped into my greatness, I have not reached my potential, that I have just scratched the surface. If 2011 was my fall down year, 2012 will be paranormal. I was not put on this earth to sit back, relax and watch the tide.

So what are my huge plans for 2012? YOU are. I want every woman and girl to live the life they were destined to live, to be  unique and extraordinary. I have the power, I have the belief and I have my Why. I have set my sail in the direction of my dreams and I will accomplish them one woman, one girl, at a time. My Why is my driving force behind my ambition. It should be yours too.