I don’t want to go broke

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ladder-to-financial-success-5026541Q: I am so afraid that I am going to go broke trying to build my business and life coaching business. I want to make 100k by next year otherwise I have to go back and get a job. I have invested some money in online courses because I am told that online is the way to grow. What am I doing wrong?! ~ Christian

A: Great question! Often we are dazzled by the online world of making millions of dollars just by a few clicks here, an ad there and a list building strategy here.

I believe that if you want to build a business, you need to hire the expert that already has what you want, and who is making the money you want (and more!) and has already risen to the top.

If you are a coach you need to hire a coach.

If you are in business at all, you need to hire a coach,  but I know many coaches who don’t have their own coach. This is out of integrity to ask people to hire you to coach them.

The fastest way to grow your coaching business is by speaking to the masses and by focusing on where the money is: the free strategy/discovery call.

So focus on getting out there and speaking to groups and booking discovery sessions so that you get into as many conversations as possible.

Online is a great and necessary business tool but it is not the way to come out of the gate with a coaching practice. No one knows who you are and the conversation is like a one-way mirror; they hear and see you but you don’t see them. Without seeing their  reaction to what you are saying you don’t know if any of it resonates with them or if it ‘sticks’.

Speaking to groups and having 1 to 1 conversations strengthens your content, gives you phenomenal practice at communication and sharing your story, and you get instant feedback on how well your content and YOU ‘stick’ to someone. You can read their body language, hear it in their voice and even change the energy if you feel their interest level drops.

So I don’t think you are doing anything ‘wrong’, I just think that you need to focus on where the money is (in speaking and free sessions) first and at the same time, build an online presence to support it.

Working 1:1 privately with people is where the money is at. Private demands a higher price point than anything else. Once you get a following then you can market a lower price point to the masses.

That should get you to 100k the fastest, then we can move you up to multiple six figures and beyond.