How to write a book in 9 easy steps (in less the 3 months)

I know, I know, writing a blog can be soooo boring. Writing a blog every day, like I am doing, can be treacherous! Painful! But I am sitting here, by the fire with a glass of wine, dinner in the oven, kids doing their thing. My feet are up on the table, I have exercised, I have showered…actually no I haven’t. That’s next.

So how do you write a blog, let alone write one every day?

Before you get started, write out 10 topics that interest YOU. Not what your cousin’s uncle’s brother’s wife’s sister’s aunt wants to hear.

  1. Put the timer on for 30 minutes for beginners, 15 minutes for athletes.
  2. With topic 1, just start typing to your hearts content as long you stop at the 15 or 30-minute marker.
  3. Get up and walk away from the computer.
  4. Go back an hour later and do a quick edit. Quick is the key word.
  5. Hit send, or post the blog to your site, social media or if you have someone helping you in your business, let them do the fancy footwork.
  6. Sit back, relax and smile.
  7. Start all over again.
  8. Smile some more.
  9. Congratulations, this is how I wrote my first book. You can too!

10. Get in touch with me to see how I did it all in under 3 months!