How to Get People To Sign Up to Work With You

This is Video 5 in my series of Top 10 things I have learned stemming from my spiritual breakdown that I had about two years ago, and how I have evolved from that place to where I am today, which is an amazing place in my life and in my business with family, with friends, and I want to be able to share with you some of the tips and strategies that I have used to pull myself out of that spiritual breakdown and into spiritual recovery.

In this video we are talking about enrollment.

Just a quick recap – video 1 was around envisioning, getting really connected to your why and your what. Video 2 was about creation – what are you creating for your life, your business and the world? Video 3 we talked about connection. How are you connecting with people and how are you connecting with your inner, deeper self? Video 4 was about engagement – everything is about the engagement that you have with your audience, yourself, and your prospects but also with the people in this world that can help you. They can help you grow your dream, and your vision so you can have a greater impact in the world.

Video 5 is about enrollment. Enrollment to me is how to get people to say yes to you.

Not only ‘will you buy my stuff’ yes, but ‘will you be part of my tribe? Will you be one of my followers? Will you be listening to what I say? Will you be influenced and impacted by my message, my vision and my mission?’ Without getting people to a yes, you don’t have impact. You don’t have a business. And you don’t have a greater influence for people that need what you are selling or what you are offering. I believe that everybody has a story, a mission, a vision and a bigger purpose, and as I mentioned in the other videos, mine is to eliminate fear from 1 million women across the globe by 2020 so they can live their life with power and purpose and without apology.

The enrollment of that is how to be an influencer so that people are actually listening to what you have to say so that they can have a greater impact in the world. That is the ripple effect. In order to have that ripple effect, you need to have enrollment.

The top 3 things I do for enrollment:

  1. Enroll yourself in your vision and your dream. Without enrolling yourself, and having yourself into saying yes to your own dream and your own vision – so many people don’t, and I know that sounds crazy but it’s true – so you have to enroll yourself and then you have to go after it no matter what.
  2. Enroll people who are like-minded. They think like you do, they want to have greater impact in this world. They may be offering the same type of service or product, but it’s about connecting with other people who have that same big vision. It doesn’t have to be the same industry, but you want to be hanging around other people who want what you want, who want to create what you want. Who want to be as engaging as you want to be. And you want to learn from them. It’s about enrollment of other people in your vision and your dream – people who can help you and carry you along, and likewise. You need to be enrolling in their vision and in their dream so you can support them.
  3. Enrollment of people to say yes to you – to buy your product or service. To buy into your dream and buy into your vision. It’s not just about the money piece, though that is a big part of it (we all need to eat and live and have a roof over our head), but it’s about getting people to a yes in their heart and in their energy and in their body and in their mind, and then ultimately getting people to say yes to buy what you have to offer. Because let’s face it, as entrepreneurs, we need to have clients. In order to get clients, you need to create stuff that they want. You also need to enroll them. It’s about how to get people to that place of saying yes to you with your message that’s authentic to you, that is in alignment with your head, heart and feet, that is in alignment with your greater purpose for your own life, for your business and for the world. Enrollment is not a bad thing. A lot of women, especially women who are starting out in business – are afraid to enroll people. ‘I don’t want to charge for my services,’ ‘What will people think,’ ‘Am I being too pushy,’ ‘I don’t like sales.’ Enrollment is not about selling people into stuff that they are going to give you money for. It’s about enrolling them into your vision and your mission and your purpose, so that they can in turn enroll people into their vision, and their mission and their purpose. That is the beauty of the ripple effect.

So enrollment – enroll yourself into your vision and mission. Enroll people that are like-minded, that think like you do and want what you want. Enroll people for them to say yes to you – yes to buy your stuff but also to enroll them in your vision and your dream so that they can have a much bigger impact to the people that they want to enroll.

Saying hello and goodbye from Cuba.

Stay tuned for Video 6! Adios! Gracias!