How To Avoid the Biggest Regret in Life

Recently I shared a video on Facebook about regret. It is called ‘Everybody Dies, But Not Everybody Lives’.
It may sound a bit morbid but it’s actually very uplifting and inspiring.
If you didn’t see it yet, you can watch it here:
Regret is something that often comes from fear – being afraid to take certain steps because we don’t know how things will work out (or not).
But not taking chances can mean that we never get what we truly want.
Living a life that’s not fulfilling, leaving behind unpursued dreams.
Don’t let your biggest regret later in your life be that you didn’t give it your all. Start living your life now.
To start really living your life today, you need to:
1. Look at the long term – but focus on the short term. Set goals and DO the things you need to do to reach them. 
2. Follow your own dreams – not someone else’s. Stop comparing yourself to others and just do what you want to do.
3. Be yourself (as Oscar Wilde said, ‘everyone else is taken’). People want to get know, like and trust you. So be authentic in everything you say and do.
4. Tell the truth. If you are struggling, share that. If you are successful, share that. People get inspired by those who are honest and who are going for it!
5. Live in the moment. Do what you want to do. Take chances. You will get ahead faster in your business and in your life by concentrating on what is going on today.
This translates into business by picking up the phone and calling prospectsto ask them to work with you. Taking a leap to work to attend a training eventor work with a coach who can catapult you forward. Keeping an inventory of the things you want to achieve – and doing them.
Inspiration surrounds us.
Take hold of it and live your life without regrets!