How do I find networking opportunities?

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shyQuestion: Thank you so much for doing this. So many people have the same questions and this can help many others. My Burning Question has to do with networking. I’m new to Houston and don’t know anyone here yet. So as far as my business, I of course need to meet new people. I hear a lot about networking events. How do you find them and what do you do while there?  LOL  I’d love to attend some, meet new people and learn a new skill in the process. Thanks again!! ~ Heather


Super question Heather! Networking is the single most important thing you need to do (and do it properly) in order to build your business as fast as possible. I hired a coach, flew across the continent to meet, and she told me in 4 minutes flat that the one thing that was missing in my business was Networking.

“All I want you to do, Odette is network and speak”, she said.

“That’s it? What about blogging, social media, writing programs? I asked. “Nope. Get out the door, talk to people every day, network and speak”, she said with a smile.

“Ok”, I said.

I took the red-eye flight home and that night, even though I had been awake for 36 hours, I went to a networking event. I almost came up with an excuse not to do … but I went! I did my 60 second elevator pitch.

A woman approached me and said she was finally glad to meet me and wanted to know if we could talk further. The next day she was a client!

We saved her business from bankruptcy and my sales from her alone were over 10k.

Plus the referral, connections and confidence soared in me! So I wrote a program called: Is your Networking more like NOTworking?

Here are the top 10 big “BUTS” that can stand in your way-and what to do about them. Click here.



What clients are saying about attending my live mastermind events:

“It is an invaluable experience which will take you out of your comfort zone, but you will gain so much insight and direction. It is a pretty exhausting 2 days, but you do not want to miss this opportunity to gain so much in such a short time. I had no idea of what to expect when I first attended one of these, but I was so pleased and satisfied after with how much personal growth there could be in 2 days. I highly recommend that you all join this intensive. ~ Michele Maher

There is nothing like a MasterMind experience! Yes, it is a lot of work but it really gets you to think deep and really evaluate your business, your strengths and weaknesses, your goals, and the strategy you need to take to achieve them. Odette takes her background and expertise and shares with us what she has learned throughout her career in a way that we can all benefit and apply to our businesses. She also gives us all one on one attention to explain her take on what we are doing and how we can improve. Odette’s Masterminds are packed full of group exercises, discussion, individual work, improv, learning, relationship building, and brainstorming. I have attended 3 of Odette’s Masterminds and will attend more for sure!” ~ Rhonda Stark

“Let’s just say 2 days at a Mastermind with Odette like intense mind bootcamp. You work with a group and then your amazing coach will come and gracefully yell into your ear “GIVE ME YOUR BEST” when you think you can’t do anymore. Your ‘thinking’ muscles  will feel happy for the accomplishment you never thought you’re capable of. You get very specific on your goals as well. You also create a special bonds with everyone in the group (yes your family just keeps growing!) and get to have some fun. So to say it simpler, you just can’t afford to miss them. P.S.: Odette doesn’t really yell in your ear but she always gives you personal attention exactly when you need it.” ~ Viktoryia Urukova