How committed are you to change?

Hi it’s Lorree Appleby, Director of Sales for Women on Top here!

So … did you list out your 50 tolerations from last week?

Image from know when I did mine they didn’t come too easily but when I really thought about it more came to mind. Then during the days after I had so many I was genuinely shocked and angry with myself at how many things I was tolerating!

Why was I putting up with so much in my life that I didn’t want? Why did I allow myself to get comfortable with all these tolerations?

What I have come to realize, while being at Odette’s Master Mind, is the reason I have so many tolerations is my lack of Commitment! It all comes down to my commitment to changing the things in my life that I am tolerating.

Here is one example of what I have been tolerating: My Health.

I have gained weight, I don’t exercise regularly and as much as I make an effort to eat properly I don’t, I cheat. I have used many excuses – ‘I’m too busy’ – is my best excuse. The bottom line is I was not committed to this change.

But why?

I do want to be healthier; I’m not getting any younger so it will only go downhill from here.  It’s because my urgency is not big enough to make it high on my priority list.  I didn’t want it enough!

If I was diagnosed with Cancer and ordered by the doctor to eat clean and exercise regularly would I do it? YES! It’s a life or death situation!

But as much as I think I want it when I cheat and skip my daily exercise or eat junk food I am reinforcing to myself that it’s okay to break my commitment. Each time I break it I make it okay to do the wrong thing (skip exercise) by justifying I did the right thing. (I was too busy working on a deadline)

paperclipSo what is your commitment level like? How can you create the urgency to fix your biggest toleration and take steps to be rid of it? 

I had to dig deep into Why did I want to be healthy?

I wrote it out and the repercussions I could face if I didn’t do it.

Here’s my list:

  • I want to have energy when I wake up and not feel “old” when I have to work out my kinks and aches by stretching
  • I want to lose weight so I fit better in my clothes and lower my BMI rating to be in the healthy range
  • I want to take long walks and not be breathless and sore afterwards
  • I want to have a successful career including making lots of money and traveling to new places
  • I want to live a long life and enjoy being with my family in my retirement years in health not in sickness
  • I am at a much higher risk of getting sick staying where I am and/or continuing to gain weight
  • I had a pre-cancerous polyp two years ago that was removed, I don’t want to get Cancer and go through the treatment process of chemo and all the difficulty that will bring myself  and my family

To create the urgency I keep my ‘Why’ list right in front of me in my office and review it daily so I don’t lose focus on what it is I want.

I have also created boundaries for myself, I use the 80/20 rule and don’t cheat during my 80% time! I also schedule my exercise into my day just like I do with all the other important things I do in my day.

Creating new habits takes a strong commitment so you need to want to change it! Ask yourself honestly what your commitment level is on a 1-10 scale for your business?

If you say a 10 then that means you will do Whatever It Takes to make it happen.

If it’s a 5 then ask yourself why it’s so low? These exercises take digging deep and being honest with your answers.  

Remember, your conscious mind is listening and will try to bring you back to the comfort level you have grown into.

Your Why is what you must focus on to rid yourself of the tolerations in your life.

When you are not consciously rejecting something you are sub-consciously accepting it!

We would love to hear what your tolerations are and how you plan to fix them by committing to the changes necessary. Let’s all live the life we want! Not the toleration life!

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